Male/Female/or Other |

TBC Staff, 5/22/03: This fall Wesleyan University of Middletown, Conn., will become the first American college to offer transgender students specialized housing. 

A number of universities already have gay and lesbian housing, but it is believed this is the first time transgender students will be given their own space. 

Transgender students in the freshman class will have the option of living in the new "gender-blind" facility, one floor of a dormitory for students who don't want to be categorized as one gender or another. 

The university has adopted a new mission statement that says freshmen who choose to live in the gender-blind area "will be assigned a roommate without the consideration of gender." 

Wesleyan has a reputation for liberal attitudes in both the way it treats its students and the courses it offers.  It annually holds a gay prom, and its syllabus offers a course on pornography.