Many Christian colleges are now offering yoga classes |

TBC Staff

Many Christian colleges are now offering yoga classes. Here is a partial list:

Anderson College/University (Anderson, South Carolina)

"Yoga for All Ages...Our course leader is HELEN SABLAN, elementary teacher, professional yoga instructor, and owner of The Yoga Place" ("The Institute for Lifelong Learning," emp. theirs. Scroll down to the bottom of the page).

Baylor University (Waco, Texas)

Site-searches on Baylor's website netted at least 50 references to Yoga. Here are some examples: "A time to relax, a time to stretch" (The Baylor Lariat Online, October 11, 2002, ).

Bearobics Schedule Fall 2006 ( ).

"American Power Yoga" (Fall 2007 Bearobics Class Descriptions, ).

"Rat race leaves no time for being friends with nature," Grace Maalouf, February 1, 2007, ).

Baylor Campus Recreation (photo of Yoga instructor with Yoga class schedule, ).

Baylor University Strengths Dictionary (#25, Learner, "Your excitement leads you to engage in adult learning experiences-yoga or piano lessons or graduate classes," ).

Baylor Parents League 2006/2007 Calendar:

"ENCOURAGE McLane Student Life Center services. Being healthy, emotionally and physically, is key to good performance on final exams. A massage may be just the ticket to relaxing for finals, or perhaps Bearobics, a variety of aerobics classes ranging from kickboxing to yoga, which is free during finals"

( p. 6).

Hawaiian Style Bearobics Bash:

The Bash is a two hour aerobics workout filled with a sampling of Bearobics classes including hip hop, yoga, step, and more!! You do not have to be a Bearobics member to attend the bash...IT IS FREE FOR EVERYONE!! Get a great workout in before fall break!! ["On the BU Horizon...a publication of the Division of Student Life," , p. 1).

Belmont University (Nashville, Tennessee) /

Flow Yoga (Beaman Student Life Center Spring '07 Group Fitness Schedule, , p. 1).

Yoga relaxation, breathing and stretching:

( ).

Flow Yoga (Summer Group Fitness Schedule, Effective June 4, 2007, ( ).

Yoga (Teaching Experience application, Department of Sport Science,   ).

National Recreational Sports and Fitness Day-Schedule of Events-February 22, 2006-5:00 PM-Flow Yoga ( ).

Dr. Corrine Dale: "She enjoys tennis, golf, sailing, skiing, dancing, yoga..."

Bluefield College (Bluefield, Virginia)

Yoga at the Greater Bluefield Community Center is advertised in the 2006 and 2007 Bluefield College Lady Rams Softball Media Guide: , page 14 , page 18

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