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Anderson, Robert

The Reformation was not merely a revival, it was a revolt. And ecclesiastical supremacy was the bondage from which those brave and noble men delivered us.... The Romish system represents an authority established to govern the faithful...to control not only their acts but their beliefs....As Cardinal Newman [nineteenth- century Anglican convert to Catholicism] writes: “I had no difficulty in believing it [that each wafer was Christ] as soon as I believed that the Catholic Roman Church was the oracle of God, and that she had declared this doctrine to be part of the original revelation....”

Christianity makes salvation a personal matter between the sinner and God. It is not a question of subjection to ordinances of religion, but of personal submission to the Lord Jesus Christ....But...what men crave for is a religion. For their “affairs” they have a lawyer; for their bodies, a doctor; and for their souls they want a priest....Instead of Calvary we have the “eucharistic sacrifice” of the mass....Ignorant women are sent to gaol [jail] for deceiving people about their future in this world, but educated men are allowed to deceive them with impunity about their future in the next....

Satan is not, as men suppose, the instigator of their crimes. Religion is the special sphere of his influence. What other meaning can be given to the awful title, “the god of this world,” accorded him in Holy Writ?

—Sir Robert Anderson, head, Criminal Investigation Division, Scotland Yard. In The Bible or the Church, Pickering & Englis, London (2nd ed.), c. 1910.