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Murray, Andrew
Rutherford, Samuel

Alas! these five thousand years Adam’s fools have been wasting and lavishing out their love and their affections upon...broken idols, upon this and that feckless creature; and have not brought their love and their heart to Jesus. O pity, that Fairness hath so few lovers!...There is so little spoken, so little written, and so little thought of my great and incomprehensible, and never-enough wondered at Lord Jesus!

—Samuel Rutherford, Letters (1637), p. 121; at the time
of writing this letter Rutherford was deprived of all right to preach, and was summoned to appear before Parliament on a charge of treason, but was too
ill to make the journey.

And God still waits and wonders in our day, that there are not more intercessors, that all His children do not give themselves to this highest and holiest work, that many of them who do so, do not engage in it more intensely and perseveringly.

He wonders to find multitudes of His children who have hardly any conception of what intercession is....[who] know but little of taking hold upon God or prevailing with Him.

—Andrew Murray, 
Quoted in Scottish Protestant View, March/April 1995