Question: I've been surprised at the worldwide stir created by the Danish cartoons about Muhammad—not only by the predictable outrage, riots, and violence from Muslims but by the attention it has received in the non-Muslim world....What is your reaction? |

TBC Staff

Question:I've been surprised at the worldwide stir created by the Danish cartoons about Muhammadnot only by the predictable outrage, riots, and violence from Muslims but by the attention it has received in the non-Muslim world. Should such cartoons have been published? Do they do more harm than good? What is your reaction?

Response: The Danish cartoons are very mild compared with those regularly published in Muslim countries. Almost daily, Muslim cartoons mock Christians, Christianity, Jews, and Judaism, depict Jews as Nazis, as rats, as cannibals eating flesh of Arabs and drinking their blood, etc. These are habitually enjoyed by the very Muslims who rioted to protest the Danish cartoons. This is worse than dishonesty—this is the ugly truth revealed of how Islam corrupts the human mind and spirit. The riots have ripped off the "Islam is peace" mask before a horrified West still reluctant to identify the real enemy!

The media (including Fox News) claims that rioters and terrorists represent a very small fanatical Muslim fringe. Not true! As Condoleezza Rice charged, Muslim leaders organized and urged the rioters on. The same Muslim countries that publish the worst anti-Semitic and anti-Christian cartoons are boycotting Danish goods. Malaysia made possession of the cartoons a crime. Such pressure must not succeed in imposing Islamic demands upon the West!

Palestinian gunmen took over the EU office in Gaza City, where an Imam at the Omari Mosque told 9,000 worshipers that the cartoonists should be beheaded; Danish embassies in many countries have been sacked and some burned, and Danish flags torn down and burned along with products from Denmark; Western businesses have been attacked; the death toll was still rising when this was written.

The Qur'an and Islam trash Christianity, denying Christ's deity, that He died for our sins, that He resurrected, etc. Christianity is outlawed in Saudi Arabia (our "friend and ally" and the largest financier of terrorism!). By Saudi law, no Jew may enter Saudi Arabia. Any Jew who did, would be torn apart as the frenzied "Palestinian" mob in October 2000 literally tore apart with bare hands the two Israeli reservists who made a wrong turn into Ramallah. The murderers danced in joy while displaying for TV their victims' entrails held high in bloody hands—and all the while shouting, "Allahu Akbar," Allah is the greatest! Christians and Jews are persecuted and killed in the name of Allah wherever Muslims have the power to do so. And these are the self-righteous people who riot over a few cartoons!

In 1977, an English photographer secretly filmed the public execution in Saudi Arabia of Princess Mishael bint Fahd bin Mohammed (shot six times in the head) and her boyfriend, Khalid Muhallah (beheaded), but Western governments squelched the film. Carter opposed its airing on PBS. Bill Clinton recently warned of "rising anti-Islamic prejudice"—but he is silent about Muslims killing hundreds of thousands of non-Muslims and destroying thousands of churches in Indonesia, Nigeria, Sudan, et al.! That's going on right now.

To the Muslim, terrorism is peace. Those who blow up innocent women and children are heroes rewarded by Allah with non-stop sex with countless virgins in paradise. Nor is the declaration by Iran's president that Israel must be wiped off the map anything new. In Judgment Day! we provide dozens of quotes from Arab/Muslim leaders over the past 60 years demanding the same. No Arab map even shows Israel's existence. And Muslims riot to protest a few cartoons!

The God of the Bible says, "Come now, and let us reason together..." (Is 1:18); but there is no reasoning with Islam. All it knows is force. If the West weakens and gives in to the rioters once more, where will it end? The rioters demand that the cartoonists be beheaded. Suppose Muslim countries threaten to withhold oil until this happens? Will the West comply?

Muhammad declared that Allah had commanded him to fight all non-Muslims until "all people" had yielded to Islam. Every Muslim, no matter how "moderate," is obligated to join this fight. What if the riots will not cease and oil will not flow until the entire world confesses, "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet"? What then?

Intimidated by the threat of violence or an oil embargo, the West has toadied up to Islam by promoting the lie that Islam is peace, even though it flies in the face of 1,400 years of history and mocks the millions slaughtered by Muslims. The West must finally take an unyielding stand for justice and truth. Sadly, President Bush is one of the foremost in catering to Islam.

The cartoons originated last September in the Danish paper Jyllands-Posten. Muslims in Denmark made no protest. Months later, the cartoons were spread throughout Muslim countries, and Imams rallied the rabble to riot. The cartoons can be viewed at One shows Muhammad standing at the gate of heaven and greeting a line of newly arriving suicide bombers, "Stop! Stop! We ran out of virgins." It legitimately asks what "God" would give a reward in heaven for murdering innocent women and children (repugnant to any normal conscience), as well as where these hundreds of millions of virgins come from to reward Muslim jihadists over the 14 centuries of Islam's bloody history.

The cartoon most often cited shows Muhammad wearing a turban bomb. And those who support suicide bombers complain?! Muhammad established Islam with terrorism, attacking caravans and villages for plunder and killing all who would not convert to Islam. Had bombs been available, he surely would have used them. Islam was spread from France to China by violent conquest at the cost of millions of lives. Today's riots are consistent with Islam's history.

Violence and terrorism are endemic to Islam. It makes "converts" by the threat of death and holds them by fear. The penalty for attempting to leave this "religion of peace" is death. Worldwide terrorism is encouraged by a cowering and obsequious West that has licked the boots of Islam to keep the oil flowing. Truth, justice, and right have been sacrificed to evil on the altar of compromise, intimidation and fear.

In 1989, when Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini demanded the murder of British author Salman Rushdie for exposing the "Satanic Verses" in the Qur'an, other publishers should have supported him by also publishing the book. Instead, he has been in hiding to this day.

Yasser Arafat, with the blood of millions on his hands, was given the Nobel Peace Prize and a standing ovation at the UN when he called for Israel's destruction. France treated him like a hero in his dying days and was rewarded by thousands of Muslims going on a rampage of anarchy last year in the worst riots since the 1789-99 Revolution. We have given Muslims full freedom in this country and allowed them to build thousands of mosques which become centers for terrorism. Our reward was 9-11!

It is encouraging that this time Western media and governments are not all surrendering to Islam's bullying threats! Other newspapers in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and even in Jordan have republished the cartoons in support of the Danish paper. Had Salman Rushdie been supported like this, we would not be in today's intimidated position.

Danish Prime Minister Fogh Rasmussen has refused to apologize, stating that the government cannot interfere with freedom of the press—a concept anathema to Islam—but he fails to mention the far worse and continuous Muslim cartoons. Shamefully, British Foreign Minister Jack Straw criticized European media outlets for republishing the caricatures. Such cowardice will only encourage more suicide bombings in Britain. In the meantime, some Muslim leaders are backing off in embarrassment as Islam is being exposed and the West is refusing to be intimidated further.

There are hopeful signs that the West will no longer stomach the lie that Islam is a religion of peace! Let us pray that the world will awaken to the truth about Islam and will begin to expose and oppose it vigorously before it is too late.