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Dave and T. A.,
Just a note to let you know that we appreciate the work you guys do. The newsletter is very enlightening and informative. The book reviews are very helpful. As a pastor, I always encourage people to just stick to the Bible when I get asked about other books that come out. Thanks for sticking to the Word and being faithful to the call. May God bless your ministry and continue to use it mightily to lead people to the truth that sets them free. EB (OR)
To the Brethren of The Berean Call,
I want to thank you all wholeheartedly for sending The Berean Call to me at the different prisons I’ve moved to. Even using the word “wholeheartedly” isn’t enough thanks! I’ve been receiving TBC since 2010. I’ve learned so much and I want to continue even when I get home. You have really helped me grow in being a Berean….I know many brothers who study books that are so misleading….I’ve stopped reading books that I have to pick through the glass to learn….I know God will increase your blessing because of your great service to Him. KW (CA, prisoner)
Dear Berean Call,
Thank you for your ministry. I just found it this [past] year when we visited a small church in another town. An older woman I was talking to recommended one of your books. It was a relief to find others like us! TS (CA)
Dear Brothers in Christ,
I want to thank you for your magazine. You have provided a resource for me as I teach God’s Word. Words cannot express how much it has meant. God bless you both for your tireless work for the kingdom. PC (FL)
Dear Dave,
I just wanted to thank you very much for your wonderful book What Love Is This?  I read it when it first came out and was very encouraged by what you wrote and then recently re-read it as I’d come under some fairly strong Calvinist teachings and needed to come to a deeper understanding of what God’s Word really says.  I certainly found that clarification in your excellent book and felt a wonderful release and refreshment. LD (Western Australia)
Dear Berean Call,
We received your February newsletter and were reading it last night. First of all, we just want to let you know we are praying for you regarding the lawsuit.
We also just want to send a special thanks to Mark Dinsmore for his articles regarding America. We thought we were going crazy to not agree with Christian Nationalism. It’s difficult when 99 percent of your friends and “Christian” acquaintances are bound on fixing America and hating those who they feel are opposed to this crusade.  It was an almost immediate answer to our prayer for the Lord to show us the truth in such matters. Thank you, Mark!
I guess, we cannot express the blessing that we receive each month from your staff and it gives us such encouragement as believers. We feel lost and alone at times in many biblical matters, and your newsletter helps us to see “okay, we’re not crazy after all!” We can’t wait to meet you in person to thank you for your tireless work. Please know, it is not in vain and we are so grateful to the Lord for your perseverance to share biblical truth. D&KB (email)
Dear Dave and Tom,
Thank God for The Berean Call newsletter. It has been a tremendous blessing to me. I don’t know who sent it…but I thank God for it. I was saved out of the darkness of Catholicism in 1948 through a radio broadcast one Sunday night. I was twenty-one years old when I received Him into my heart and as I saw that truth I was not worried about committing the mortal sin of presumption. Praise God. I became a new man instantly. Praise God! The Bible became a living book to me, and my life changed immediately….
The joy that I’ve known by reading the Word and obeying it has been a tremendous blessing of which Jesus said in John:15:11, “These things have I spoken unto you that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.” My joy has been full even in the midst of trials. Praise God!
Continue on in Christ, brethren, for our redemption draws near. May God bless you all richly. Keep looking up. JD (PA)
Dear Dave,
Recently, I was given a copy of The Seduction Of Christianity. I thank you for the timeliness of your message, even though the book was published nearly forty years ago.
I was a supporter of Dr. James Dobson, until I realized that much of my past emotional turmoil was due to seeking solace in psychiatry, rather than the Word. Indeed, I spent nearly nine years in prison partly due to sensitivity to antidepressants, which had been prescribed by a psychiatrist, when what I truly needed was a prayerful return to my faith. This happened after I was sentenced. I have served Him since….I am blessed by your discernment, your wisdom, and your study. Thank you. AH (TX)
I met you at a prophecy conference in 1989 at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. There was a period of my life that, though I believe I was saved, I would follow any wind of doctrine coming down the pike. Through a set of circumstances that the Lord allowed I began to follow the Word of God taught inductively. As I began to cut loose all the bogus teaching and, of utmost importance, quit watching TBN, my foundations were being rebuilt by the pure milk of the Word….Thank you all for making the Word of God so exciting. ME (email)