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Dear Bereans,
Thank you so much for the copy you sent of T. A. McMahon’s Jesus Gets Tough articles [Sept/Oct 2012] in response to my request for something on the seven churches representing the church of the Lord through the ages. This article is well written and helpful in so many ways, including the symbolism of the Lord’s church as His bride. If we are to be a part of that bride, however, we must be like the five wise virgins, with “oil in our lamps,” so that we do not fail to provide light to the world, as mentioned also in the second part of this article. I’m thankful for the lamp that TBC keeps burning through your monthly publication! JF (OK)

Dear Staff at TBC,

Just recently, we have begun using the articles translated into German from the Berean Call website to send to Austrian believers to whom we ministered for 10 years. They need to be warned concerning “Christian psychology,” which has made inroads everywhere. H&DR (OR)

Dear Tom,

I have been wanting to write to you in gratitude. Your [April 2013] Berean Call blessed me greatly. Your exposition...about the Catholic Church really confirmed my beliefs. I am a former Catholic—even to the extent of being a nun. From a very young age I felt that much was wrong—it wasn’t even Christian. I left the Church and was converted, or born again, in the 1990s.

The last Catholic service I attended, apart from family members’ funerals, left me feeling like I was in a great vacuum. I  never went back....

Thank you for such open honesty that I never thought I’d hear. God bless you in your ministry. JD (VA)

Dear Berean Call,

I am writing in regards to the article on the Hebrew Roots Movement [Jan 2014] written by G. Richard Fisher. I will assume that you did not do any research for yourselves but took his word for it....It is unfortunate that some have chosen to call this movement the “Hebrew Roots Movement,” and I have disliked this term since the moment someone laid it on me....To me it is simply living out God’s Word....I realize in this man’s article he often uses the words “some” and “many in the movement”; however, the article clearly comes off as [applying to] all that are in this movement. Perhaps it is unfortunate (and, more likely, perhaps not) that unlike other denominations, as of yet, there is no “creed” or “article of faith” other than the Word itself to go by...and there are those who take this to an extreme just like the Pharisees of days gone by, on which the author has seemed to grab onto and has chosen not to give a balanced approach to this topic. ML (WI)

Dear T. A.,

What an incredible blessing to read the article on the Hebrew Roots Movement in this month’s newsletter! I’ve been attending a Messianic Jewish church for the past nine months and have been struggling with it so much. My desire has been to gain a deeper understanding of our Hebrew roots. Although I’ve learned a lot about the various feasts that I never knew before, I’ve been dealing with an inner “churning” in my spirit that I now realize was the Holy Spirit. I’ve been doing my best as a “Berean” searching the Scripture to verify much of what they teach and am grateful for the deeper knowledge I’ve gained. There just seemed to be conflict after conflict in me between the Lawkeeping (Torah observance emphasis—legalism) and the freedom we have been given in Christ through the New Covenant. I’ve noticed a number of things the article pointed out, including what I’d term “Christian bashing.” Anyway, I could go on and on and on...but will simply and deeply say again, “Thank You!” (BK, MN)

Dear Tom,

I just wanted to say a personal thanks for the two-part radio broadcast you and the other pastor [Anton Bosch] did on the Strange Fire Conference. As an Assemblies of God pastor, I certainly don’t enjoy being painted with the big brush that says, “all charismatics, pentecostals and such are heretics...,” or words to that effect. I especially appreciated Bro. McMahon’s honesty when he spoke about the spiritual gifts. My great desire as a pastor is to be a true man of God, and one who truly believes in the totality of Scripture. Keep up the good work and may the Lord bless you and your minstry! JG (email)

Dear T. A. and Staff,

In one of T. A.’s recent columns he warns us about “creeping complacency.” I was cut to the heart and rightfully so!

I recalled at the moment I read that column that I needed to remember 2 Timothy where it says to “fight the good fight of faith.” I had a song in the night about that time [and thought of] Isaac Watts’ great hymn that says “Must I be carried to the skies on flowery beds of ease; While others fought to win the prize and sailed through bloody seas!?” PW (FL)

Brothers and Sisters,

As I get older it sinks in more and more how important your ministry has been and is. So much deception out there! It may be me, but now at 66 years old it is everywhere and has captured so many. Thank you for your effort to keep the truth of The Word of God. It has been an enormous help to my family and friends over the years. AP (NY)