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CNN.com, 2/3/16, “Obama rebuts anti-Muslim rhetoric in first U.S. mosque visit” [Excerpts]: President Barack Obama, in his first visit to a mosque in the United States, said Wednesday he was seeking to rebut “inexcusable political rhetoric against Muslim-Americans” from Republican presidential candidates. Attempting to recast what he said was a warped image of Islam while encouraging members of the faith to speak out against terror, Obama described Muslims as essential to the fabric of America.

“Let me say as clearly as I can...” Obama [said.] “You’re not Muslim or American....You’re Muslim and American.”

As he decried GOP counterterror plans that would single out Muslims for extra scrutiny, Obama insisted that applying religious screens would only amplify messages coming from terrorist groups....“We can’t be bystanders to bigotry,” Obama said. “Together, we’ve got to show that America truly protects all faiths. As we protect our country from terrorism, we should not reinforce the ideas and the rhetoric of the terrorists themselves.”


[TBC: Obama’s address at a mosque in the US raises a number of questions. If indeed the image of Muslims is “warped,” and they are “essential to the fabric of America,” why do many of them, if not most, refuse cultural assimilation here and elsewhere in the West? Why do they want to change our political system to a theocracy and our legal system to Sharia law? Furthermore, as Dave Hunt simply noted, “We only ask Muslims for one example of where and when Islam ever brought peace and tolerance.”]


ChristianPost.com, 1/13/16, “2015 Deadliest Year for Christians Worldwide” [Excerpts]: The Christian persecution watchdog group Open Doors has released its annual list where Christians face the greatest persecution and found that it has reached unprecedented levels worldwide as over 7,000 Christians were killed for their faith between 11/1/14, and 10/31/15.

[Although Open Doors] stated last January that 2014 was the worst year for Christian persecution than any other time in modern history, the organization [now reports that] 2015 surpassed 2014 as the deadliest year for Christians worldwide.

Three thousand more Christians were killed for faith-related reasons during its reporting period for 2015 than it found during the reporting period for 2014. Additionally, over 2,400 churches were attacked, damaged or destroyed during the reporting period, which is more than double the number from last year.



ChristianHeadlines.com, 1/15/16, “Planned Parenthood and Hillary Clinton” [Excerpts]: Planned Parenthood, America’s longtime leading provider of abortion, is enthusiastically endorsing Clinton as president. Clinton can boast the first-ever endorsement of a candidate in a presidential primary [by] Planned Parenthood.

Invoking Planned Parenthood’s past 100 years...naturally brings to mind the matron of Planned Parenthood...Margaret Sanger.

[Consider] the checkered history of Margaret Sanger, especially on race, which her devotees either excuse or avoid like the plague. There was her Negro Project, her May 1926 speech at a rally of the women’s chapter of the KKK in New Jersey, her general championing of an ideology of “race improvement,” and much more. It is no surprise that a group of African-American pastors are demanding the removal of the bust of the progressive icon from the Smithsonian’s “Struggle for Justice” exhibit.

Sanger deemed certain human beings “morons,” “idiots,” “imbeciles,” “human weeds,” and “misfits.” She wanted Planned Parenthood to spearhead a movement to generate “a race of thoroughbreds” from the misbegotten “dead weight of human waste” soiling the national landscape courtesy of undesired and “unfit” breeders. She extolled Stalinist Russia’s birth-control policies, and urged after a fact-finding visit there in 1934: “We [in America] could well take example from Russia [with] no legal restrictions, no religious condemnation, and where birth control instruction is part of the regular welfare service of the government.”