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TBC Staff

Dear Bro T.A. McMahon,

I just received [your book] Showtime for the Sheep? and I think it’s one of the best revelations of what Catholicism is that I’ve ever read. My family and I have been missionaries to Hispanics for 46 years in Peru, Mexico, and Honduras. You are absolutely right about your former religion.  RJ (TX)

Dear Saints,

“Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ” (Col:2:8)....Many are “spoiled” by bad teaching and have a very weak foundation on Christ….It is surprising to see how easily people are "spoiled” by every wind of doctrine that comes along…. A young mother from another “evangelical” church came to our meeting and afterwards spoke to me concerning the Alpha Course….According to her, we were the [only church] “holding out.” I asked her, “What is it about this course that makes it so effective and so superior to simply using...the gospel of John, or...any number of other quality and doctrinally sound Bible studies on the Gospel that have been proven effective over time, are free of charge and don’t require any special...seminars on how to use them?” It was embarrassing. She couldn’t give any answer. She had jumped on the “band wagon” without ever taking the time to investigate this course….GS (Albania)

Dear Bros. in Christ,

I had no idea of the controversy of Rick Warren’s book at first—[but] the church craze was overwhelming (red flag number one). Then I read on page 23 [of A Purpose-Driven Life], about God creating a “custom” us (flag number two). God doesn’t “create” something from a sinful union such as rape or casual sex. How could RW say that was God’s plan? I couldn’t even finish the book because I felt I was condoning something I was uneasy about....I am so glad you wrote the articles on “Consumer Christianity.” I loved my church for years, but when the two ministers did a comic dance routine for Sunday service in front of 2,000 people, I was heartbroken once again. I wonder—how many of those in attendance that morning had a heavy heart like myself, and were anticipating a real visit from the Lord in the form of sound Bible preaching? SW (CA)

Dear Sir,

Here in Africa, millions have been killed in the name of Islam, and Muslims have killed their fellow Muslims and Christians too, e.g., in the nation of Sudan next to our nation of Kenya. I fully believe the evil in Africa is Islam and millions do not know this truth. I am glad to be a Christian and am blessed by...The Berean Call newspapers and radio programming. RN (Kenya)

Dear Berean Call,        

Please remove me from your mailing list. Your unwavering support for the false doctrine of Zionism is deluding countless many of your readers. It is the most dangerous kind of theology in the world today, causing untold suffering in the Middle East and the draining of our national budget in terms of aid to Israel and the war in Iraq (Zionism the main cause). Also, your constant slandering of Islam is irresponsible and inaccurate. Mostly propaganda to assist the neo-cons and the “war party.” Please educate yourselves and find some moral courage before you write any more uninformed drivel. MH (NC)

Dearly beloved The Berean Call,

We praise the Lord for some of the most incredible things showing God’s faithfulness to His people in spite of the horrors of the Tsunami disaster. All our believers in that area came from idol worship and demon control. Our churches and our pastors were living in the plains of the seashores there. They were persecuted, robbed and beaten up by Hindu criminal gangs financed by Hindu leaders. [The people] were forced to move to unpopulated nearest hills where the Hindu leaders will not trouble them. On the 26th of December, while our people were worshiping the Lord in our little halls on those hills, they saw the horrifying Tsunami waves more than 20 feet high wiping out all the people in the plains with their homes. Our people stood on their hilltop with uncontrollable tears, crying aloud to the Lord for their persecutors. The Lord protected every one of our people and the Lord knew why He allowed the violence against our  people. Our people are ministering with a broken heart to the survivors….Without the Gospel and the transforming power of the grace of God our people have no hope at any time. This makes our commitment to preach the Gospel stronger....It is difficult for me to write these things without tears and despair. But the Word of God is “let us not be weary in well doing: in due season we shall reap if we faint not” (Gal:6:9). PP (India)

Dear Mr McMahon,

I have just finished reading your brilliant book on The Passion [Showtime for the Sheep?], which has delightfully confirmed everything I thought about it [the movie]….Yes, block tickets were bought, “coaches” hired, and even now, our local bookshop, which claims to be protestant/evangelical, is still advertising and selling videos and DVDs of the film! This makes me very sad…. JE (United Kingdom)