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TBC Staff

Dear TBC,
In your March issue of TBC, you state that "Christian psychology cannot reconcile science and faith. Why not? Because psychology is not a science, nor can it be Christianized." I see the same parallel in the Creation/Evolution debate: "Evolution cannot be reconciled with faith. Why not? Because evolution is not a science, nor can it be Christianized." They try, by adding millions and billions of years to the biblical account of creation [e.g.]: Progressive Creation, Gap Theory, Day Age theory, etc. But "Let God's word be true, and every man a liar" (Rom:3:4). The false belief in evolution is the foundation of all bad science, physical or psychological. GC (CA)

Dear Friend,
Thank you for the definitive article, "Psychology and the Church" (Mar '06). I was immediately reminded of the words of Joy Davidman, wife of C.S. Lewis: "I am coming to think that the easy diagnosis of ‘neurosis' whenever anybody behaves badly or irrationally is an outgrowth of humanist and Utopian thinking about the nature of man....[M]ost moderns feel that man is naturally good; therefore, a ‘healthy' man...is a perfectly good one, and all sins are illness which can be cured!...The word ‘normal' has been perverted into a synonym for ‘healthy.' We who know there's such a thing as original sin must find it tragicomic to see so many people paying thousands of dollars to self-appointed experts of the mind in order to be ‘cured' of being human!" GT (IA)

I just read your comment in Honest Doubts regarding the many who sought to stop you from writing [on] Calvinism. Let me say I'm so glad you [continued]. And I would...guess that thousands of other evangelical pastors like myself would agree....If Calvin was right in his five points and all he built upon it, three-fourths of the N.T. and half the O.T. types need to be ripped from my Bible! Dave, don't lay this issue down....Having been preaching the gospel now for 25 years, I believe I am speaking for thousands of evangelicals when I say [to you], "Job well done!" (email)

I understand your need to tell the negative....But, I think with all the opportunities to witness to those who don't know the truth, you're missing the love that needs to be told and are rather stuck on the [bad things]. Paul didn't go around telling the negative, but balanced it out with the Good News, which I think you're missing. You guys know the TRUTH....Get the real message of the LORD out to those who don't get it...and thanks for all the work you do. (email, MN)

I have just been made aware of the Emergent Church movement....[My] pastor...was reading books by [Brian] McLaren. Also in the church...we saw a program called Be Still and on it was the Lectio Divina prayer

....When I questioned the pastor, he didn't see that there was anything wrong with it. They mentioned doing a Novena and flashed a picture of the virgin Mary with a halo around her head....I just picked your book Seduction of Christianity off our shelves and have started reading. My husband read it 20 years ago....I am amazed because it seems like you just wrote it today. RC (email)

Dear Dave, T.A., and Staff,
Some years ago a friend sent my name (without me knowing) to you to [subscribe] to the TBC newsletter....He now pastors a church [and] has been an inspiration to me through his consistent and determined desire to serve our Lord. We don't agree on everything. I hold the doctrine of election-he doesn't. It never interferes with our fellowship. You may be asking, "Why did I need to know that?" For this reason: May you realize that God is using you to minister to, exhort, edify, and encourage a lot of people that don't agree on everything. Thank you. Thank you also for exposing things and people...and movements that seek to harm the gospel cause (Jude 3b, 4). GJ (MI)

Dear Mr. McMahon,
I can't remember if I wrote you that I planned to read the Bible thru, but I am....Soon I will be 86 years old. When I was a child, I purposed never to live to be 80 because everyone I knew who was 80 was weak, sick, and falling apart, and I did not want to go there. I believe the Lord is blessing me with good health physically and spiritually because daily I read His Word; I also memorize...review...and recite it! [Soon] Lord willing, I will participate in a [Scripture recitation meeting]. People will come from everywhere to recite the New Testament. I will be reciting the book of 1Timothy. May the Lord continue to bless you as you read thru His Word and may He also challenge you to memorize it! "Your word I have hidden in my heart that I might not sin against You" (Psalm:119:11). VH (TX)