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Dear Dave,
I'm so glad [to tell you] that your books and recordings from conference in Slovak make me be more and more hungry for God's truth. I'm from the Czech Republic, and I'm 21, studying math and biology with focus on education. So I really need facts about evolution and other important things. I have friends who are in the Catholic Church and other friends who profess Christian Psychology. Only my parents believe that the Bible is the final authority. We don't know anybody in our surrounding [area] who loves the truth. So, your website and your books really support us....I'm praying for you and your work and I'm very thankful to God, that my dad has found your books in the Czech language on the internet. God bless you. VB (Czech Republic)
Dear brother in Christ, Dave Hunt,
I trust in our Lord Jesus Christ that you will recover your strength with His help. I have prayed for your health so that you might continue with your exercise and physical therapy regimen. I read your book What Love Is This? Excellent book. I learned a lot about the true meaning of election, predestination and so forth....I continuously listen to your recordings and receive the monthly newsletter. The Lord has used you in a great manner to help me understand many important things of the Bible and how to defend our Christian faith. I would like that your weekly program could be broadcasted here in a Christian radio station. I understand that our island, Puerto Rico, has the largest density of Christian (evangelical) churches and Christian radio stations per square mile in the world. God bless you and Ruth and Tom. GH (PR)
Dear Mr. Hunt and Mr. McMahon,
My sincere thanks to you both for the excellent work you are committed to. I am a teacher/librarian in South Africa, involved with boys and girls in two Student Christian Associations-I work part-time at two high schools. I thank God for your teachings and the understanding they have brought to me and that I can draw from this understanding to help the young people God has entrusted me with. JR (South Africa)
Dear Dave Hunt and Staff,
I want to thank all of TBC for the stance that you have taken, and I want to encourage you to stand firm in the issues that pertain to our God. Many of the ungodly don't like the position your ministry has taken regarding God's truth and are somewhat turned-off that you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Furthermore, He declares, "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." They would rather you take the middle ground and not be so narrow in your doctrine. However, 2 Timothy:3:16 tells us, "that all scripture is inspired of God," to paraphrase the verse. My wife and I have been supporters of your ministry for a number of years because we feel it's vital to have the resources that you provide through your ministry for the people of God to draw upon....May our Lord Jesus Christ be with TBC as you fulfill the great commission to "take the gospel into all the world." EF (CA)
Dear Brother Hunt,
I just want to thank you for the wonderful work you are doing by exposing the unbiblical truth about Calvinism. I've read Debating Calvinism and I'm now reading What Love Is This? It's so timely! I'm not only reading it but studying the terms. Many brothers are so unfamiliar with the language Calvin followers use that they easily fall into this doctrinal folly. It's a sad situation and, as you mentioned, it tends to grip the minds of the intellectuals. FM (FL, prisoner)
Dave and Tom,
I pray for you and am so thankful for you both. Sometimes the current spiritual condition feels much like the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Every time I look around, another of those whom I thought of as Biblical and spiritually discerning seems to be getting swept up in the last days' "New Spirituality." It is becoming increasingly difficult to discern, in light of the sheer numbers of prominent Christian leaders who seem to be yoking themselves to those whose theology is non-biblical. Whenever I am tempted to let go and simply sink into their spiritual abyss, however, I pray and cry out to the Lord that He would guard my heart and my mind. He often sends me running to your website for books, articles and encouragement in staying on the narrow way of truth. Thank you so much for continuing to be a light on the path of righteousness. May the Lord richly bless you and keep you and continue to guard your hearts, minds, and lives. LM (CT)