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Dear Dave Hunt and T. A. McMahon,
When the book Heaven Is for Real came out, I had a Christian friend who just kept going on and on about it. It bothered me. I couldn’t accept it, and your article helped bring clarity. Your reply...in the [January] Q&A about the book Have Heart: Bridging the Gulf Between Heaven and Earth was another blessing. You underlined the most important principle—that God’s Word must be our source for information. Anything else is not trustworthy. I really appreciate your insights. BM (IN)

Dear Brother Dave,
Many years ago the Lord called me out of the business world and into the pastoral ministry. At first I was excited but soon became discouraged as I began to realize how deeply compromised the Word of God had become in the Evangelical Church. I felt alone, and wondered if there were any Evangelical leaders who understood the undercurrents that were eroding the footers of our Faith. Then, someone put your book The Seduction of Christianity in my hands. After reading it and finding that you were expressing my inner thoughts, I was greatly strengthened and encouraged.

I have been amazed at your depth of understanding of the real issues facing Christianity and thankful for books such as What Love Is This? and many others. Your life’s ministry has been a rich blessing to me and helped me keep my focus where it belongs. I do not believe that anyone has had more of a positive effect on my ministry and personal relationship with the Lord than David Hunt.

Thank you, dear Brother, for your integrity, faithfulness, and steadfast loyalty to the Word of God. You are deeply appreciated.SG (IL)

TBC Staff,
Really not a question, just a comment on [the 1/23 TBC Today] email. I, too, went to Planned Parenthood in the summer of 1980, as an unsaved 16-year-old. I suspected that I was pregnant and wanted to verify that. Well, as it turned out, I was pregnant. I was shocked and still remember to this day, 30 years later, exactly what she said, “Do you want to keep ‘it’?”  I said that of course, I did—I knew who the father was. Six weeks later we were married and have been married for 30 years now. Our oldest son is about to turn 31, and we had three more children. Our two oldest are preachers. There have been many a time when they stood to preach [and] that question came [back] to my mind. So thankful for God’s amazing, saving grace!!!! My husband and I were saved in college and your ministry has played a part in our lives since we were saved. RP (email)

I have been reading your letter for years. Some of them are encouraging, but most of them tend to bash (judge) someone. The problem with the church today is there are way too many heads. I don’t understand why the hands and feet seem to think they can direct the rest of the body. A body without a head will accomplish nothing....The members of a body don’t give orders, they receive them. They don’t give advice nor do they teach. It is the head that does all that. If we were all listening only to the head, then we would be producing real fruit....I used to think I was an expert, but when I started listening to the head (Jesus) I found myself lacking and a fool. Dave, I admire your zeal to spread the gospel. Why can’t you just leave it at that? Why do you have to keep adding to it?...There is only one expert and that is Jesus....I am just a member of an amazing body that only Jesus can control. Let’s produce real fruit and not fruit of self....Let’s come together as a body and help each other and care for each other and let God be the judge of who is right and who is wrong. DC (email)

To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing...to thank you for a book I recently read while incarcerated....I am a Christian [but] I had, until recently, fallen away from my fellowship with God. By the will of God, this book, Sanctuary of the Chosen, found its way into my possession. After reading this book, which I first believed to be a spy novel, I found my faith in the Lord renewed. I believe it was God’s plan that I read this book....I enjoy reading spy novels [and] I mistook [it] to be nothing more than that. Praise God!...By the end of this novel I found myself weeping tears of guilt for my lack of faith and the anger I had in my heart towards God due to...events in my life that influenced me to turn away from my Heavenly Father. The Lord used this book to reach out to me, to lead me to repentance. I am thankful to Him for that. I wept bitterly while asking God to forgive me for my foolish actions and my decision to turn away from my faith in Him. Thank you again for whatever part your organization played in helping me to [return to] faith in the Lord. And I thank Him for using my current situation to make me see just how badly I need Him in my life. SW (IN, prisoner)

Dear TBC,
Hudson Taylor’s interpretation of Mark:11:22 [1/12 Quotable] spoke to my heart….It is good to get acquainted with the Word of God at an early age. Nowadays there seems to be a softening, altering, and leaving out of terms, if not Babylonization in diverging versions (Psalm:32:8). It’s refreshing every month to read your newsletter....Thank you! MB (Germany)

Dear Staff,
I love your website! I just recently discovered it.  This weekend I am planning to “clean house” and get rid of a number of questionable books on my bookshelf that I did not realize were questionable. And the articles on “Temporal Delusion” really shed some light on the different belief systems that I have come into contact with for years, yet could never really sort out. Thank you!! JW (email)  

Dear Mr. McMahon,
A week ago, my mother handed me the latest issue of the The Berean Call to read. Without looking at it, I set it on my kitchen table and left to run errands. As I was returning to my car at my first stop, a door of the car next to mine opened. “Excuse me,” said a woman. “Would you mind if I asked you a question?”

“Sure,” I replied.

“Do you know anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing?” asked the woman. “We’re starting a Bible study in American Sign Language.”

My ears perked up. A year ago, I took an American Sign Language (ASL) class, but have not had the chance to do much with it since. A Bible study in ASL sounded like the perfect chance to refresh my knowledge of ASL and meet other believers. However, as I got the information about the “Bible” study and talked to the woman, it dawned on me that this “Bible” study was through the Jehovah’s Witness cult. My knowledge of Jehovah’s Witnesses is limited, so I did not attempt a debate. I accepted the info about the “Bible” study and finished the rest of my errands.

Home again, I fixed lunch, picked up The Berean Call...and nearly choked on my food to see your informative article on Jehovah’s Witnesses. Now I have a simple way to witness to them when the Lord puts them in my path. Even though I read your article after my encounter with the Jehovah’s Witnesses, I know that God has a reason for it. Time after time He has taken difficult or bad circumstances in my life and worked them out for good. For some reason, He did not mean for me to witness to the Jehovah’s Witnesses that day but to be prepared in the future.

Your November 2011 article “God’s Plan for the Clueless” was also a blessing to me. Right now I’m in a season of life where, at the age of 28, I feel stuck where career, ministry, and social life are concerned. It was comforting to read about how God took a bunch of seemingly unrelated events in your life to work them out for His glory. We serve the same God, and I have faith that God will work everything out in my life. It seems like every day that He shows me how His ways are perfect, and that He, not I, knows what is best. What a wonderful, amazing God He is!! Keep up the good work. KC (IN)