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Dear Mr. McMahon,
Thank you so much for suggesting a 15-minute-per-day Bible reading program.

I usually read in a study fashion—book by book—with commentaries and notes. This takes quite a bit of time. As the day gets away from me I often do not get to it. I became frustrated and decided to try your recommendation. I am amazed how easy it is to grab a 15-minute slot daily!...In addition, starting in Genesis and just reading straight through offers a perspective that jumping around does not offer. Thank you so very much! ZL (WY)

Dear Brethren,
Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your most appreciated and informative monthly news magazine....In this unit of forty-seven men there are only eight Christians, more than twenty Muslims, and several atheists. We Christians have had to strive just to practice our Christian belief but the Lord told us that it would be so. We who are of the mind of Christ are mocked and ridiculed on a regular basis. I am greatly thankful to all the brethren at The Berean Call for refreshing articles and insight; for exposing a number of false doctrines and teachers....Please keep up your diligent work in God’s work and I will continue to pray that God will strengthen you in His work. RW (IN, prisoner)

Dear Brother McMahon,
So glad you are carrying on the work of Brother Dave. I met him personally two times. We rejoice in being of the same spirit of Truth. I am a psychiatrist, thus rarely get into what all the counselors are passing on called Therapy.... I am 83 years old but still work two days each week and always try to find a way to pass along the things of God to help this burgeoning population who have forsaken God. TF (OK)

Mr. McMahon,

I’m not very good at expressing myself, so receive this in the same spirit I write it. The most disappointing words I hear every week are when you say, “We only have a few minutes left....” Thank you all for your weekly radio program, Search the Scriptures 24/7. TF (email)

Dear Tom,
One just has to marvel at how you and Dave put together...America: The Sorcerer’s New Apprentice. To read it 25+ years after it was first published and to find it more relevant than ever is evidence of your foresightedness and diligence....Much appreciative of your “stick-to-it-ness” and insight! B&MD (WI)

Dear Sir,
Please remove us from your mailing list. We no longer want to receive your magazine. We did not appreciate your recent attack on the Strange Fire Conference.... Your paper used to inform and enlighten believers with great discernment and spiritual food from God’s Word. Lately, it seems you are stuck on riding your particular hobby horse. You have gone from being a “Berean” to just harping on your pet peeve. Sadly, The Berean Call has simply become The Arminian Call. There are a lot more discernment ministries out there who are doing a fine work. We will seek edification from their ministries, and not yours, from now on. JB (WA)

Dear Berean Call,
Thank you so much for the Search the Scriptures 24/7 with Warren Smith. Several women in my Bible study were very enthusiastic about the devotional book, Jesus Calling, which highly concerned me. I ordered the CD of the broadcast and [Smith’s book] “Another Jesus” Calling. After reading and underlining the book, I brought it to my pastor’s attention and gave him the CD and book.

Last Sunday he warned the congregation about Jesus Calling. I am so grateful that the Lord used your program to rescue several people from the deception of  Jesus Calling. Praise God for your ministry! MF (CA)

Dear Mr. McMahon,
Thank you for your December 2013 article titled, The Secret of Biblical Self-Improvement, Part Two. It is a wonderfully concise and biblically accurate teaching regarding how a disciple of Jesus Christ should behave regardless of what the world promotes. This is such an important understanding for believers, especially recent generations who are truly wandering aimlessly in the wilderness. I will be sharing this article with many. Thank you for your obedience to God’s calling. LK (email)