May 2020 Letters |

TBC Staff

Dear Folks at TBC,

I have greatly been informed through the years from your ministry—much labor I’m sure. You are much needed for such a time as this. You speak what most do not want to hear—the truth is a two-edged sword indeed. I am praying, as many are. JH (VT)

Dear Mr. McMahon,

So many thanks for your article “Vanishing Lovingkindnesses and Tender Mercies.” Amen and Amen. The so-called biblical counseling in the church has simply reversed the Christian’s [compassion] for others to a consuming interest in ourselves. No peace there. MC (NJ)

Dear Mr. McMahon,

Thank you for the recent newsletter. I appreciate the deep wisdom that comes from eight pages. AT (prisoner, CA)

Dear Friends,

Again, I want to thank you for the latest issue of The Berean Call. I liked the reprint of Dave Hunt’s message from 2008, related to the things we are seeing today. I am glad he mentioned names and different bibles that we should not use. I especially enjoyed the letters from other members of this ministry.

I believe we will be seeing things happen as never before during this year…so keep us prepared by exposing the frauds, but help us all to give Christ all of our work and prayers. SR (AR)

Dear Berean Call ministry,

Thanks to God for your wonderful ministry. Thanks also to Mr. McMahon for all you are doing, with God’s help, to keep moving—such a big responsibility. The monthly letter is a must! We learn a lot from it. IF (Puerto Rico)

Dear Brother McMahon,

Thank you for the article titled “Vanishing Lovingkindnesses, and Tender Mercies.” I knew for many years that “Christian Psychological Counseling” was bad and it helps to hide sin, but never had a good “proof source.”

A relative was taken to a “Christian Counselor.” The “root” wasn’t renewed and it’s medication daily. Sin is hidden, but now doing “Okay.” The church “Christians” study the same bad books as the World [instead of] only one book—The Holy Bible KJV. Thank you. God is so good. PM (MS)

Dear T. A.,

Don’t panic me. Downsizing!? You are one of a very few voices crying in the wilderness. Further you use KJV, which helps me keep current [with] the memorizing I have attempted for the last 40 years. Today’s multiple versions simply confuse me and cause me to scramble them.

But “doctrinal truth clearly declining?” Yup. Trade it for entertainment. Gets people, crowds, pep-rally atmosphere, crazy loud—unbelievable. I still can’t discern if I have heard any truth that’s meaningful when the 25-minute standing, body dancing, arm waving is over. Sorry about that. But that’s where the action is. I’m sure you know all about it. Shocking. (But great for the hearing aid business!) Suffice it to say your voice is all the more needed, however you can keep it going. Very grateful. The first mail I read is yours. DR (email)



To create, God had but to speak, and it was done. But to redeem, He had to bleed. And He did so in the Person of His Son, Jesus Christ, whom He sent to take the place of death upon the cross which our sin had so richly deserved.

Redemption, however, was no last-minute thought, brought into being to meet an unexpected emergency. No sooner had sin entered the garden than God spoke of One who was to come and who was to bruise the serpent’s (that is, Satan’s) head, His own heel being bruised in the process (Genesis:3:15), and to restore all the damage which sin and Satan had done. 

God thereby revealed that the sad turn of events had not taken Him by surprise, but that there was One in reserve to meet this very situation. Scripture calls Him “the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world” (Revelation:13:8), because with God the remedy antedated the disease. And all this was done with the one purpose of bringing us fallen men with our sinful, proud, unbroken natures back to that relationship with God of submissiveness and God-centeredness that was lost in the Fall—that position where once more He can delight in us and we in Him.

—Roy Hession