McDonalds is...Your Happy Occult Place |

TBC Staff

In 1967 McDonald's launched an ad campaign touting their growing chain of establishments as more than just a fast-food burger joint. The jingle in the video ad was, "McDonald's is our kind of place. It's such a happy place. A hap, hap, happy place.”

Yes, McDonald's offered more than food. It offered an experience that would bring happiness to the family, making McDonald's their family meal destination. What could be better? Spring forward 55 years, and McDonald's is still offering something more. Occultism! By making McDonald's your dining destination now, you can learn about your personality and your future. How so? "McDonald's adds freebies, tarot readings for Mercury retrograde."  It is simple, just an order of medium's fries, your Zodiac sign and "Madam Adam" (is a biological male and resides somewhere on the spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community) may choose to provide you with a free Tarot Card reading:

"(CNN) - Do you want fries with that? How about a tarot card reading with your order?

"McDonald’s has you covered."

This week, if you order medium fries, you’ll get a free McChicken or McDouble. If the stars align, you’ll get a tarot card reading by astrology expert Madam Adam.

This does make sense. In an age when Public schools are grooming your children, why not also acquaint them with the mystical arts of occultism to accompany their burger and fries?