Meditation, the Expressway to God |

TBC Staff

 Meditation: The Expressway to the “God” and “Christ” Within You as “Who You Really Are" [Excerpts]

One reason humanity is well on its way to becoming “truly human” enough for the new world and its Ark of Oneness is meditation. Thanks to meditation, which is so popular that it has become a major selling point in advertisements, “discovering” the “fact” of the immanent “God” or mystical “Christ” already within all of humanity will soon become an accepted and ordinary “spiritual experience.”

Meditation is the most effective and most deceptive weapon in the serpent’s arsenal for the purpose of seeking new members for his counterfeit kingdom of God. Whether they know it or not, the growing number of those who meditate are meditating themselves right into his kingdom of Oneness.

The true nature and goal of meditation is flying under the radar of too many in today’s armor-shunning Christianity, and there is, already, a heavy cost. Those who believe that meditation can be “reclaimed” as “spiritual disciplines” for God or that it can be reduced to nothing more than “exercise” or “scientifically-proven stress relief” have been severely deceived, lying “experiences” notwithstanding. (There is a reason that God’s Word—an essential part of the armor of God—warns us in 1 Timothy:6:20-2 1 about “oppositions of science falsely so called”!)

So-called “Christianized” or “Christ-ized” forms of meditation such as visualization, solitude, the silence, spiritual breathing or breath prayers, the Jesus Prayer, centering prayer, kything prayer, contemplative prayer, lectio divina, the labyrinth, yoga, tai chi, etcetera, go way beyond  being merely “spiritual disciplines,” “exercise,” or “stress relief.” It is not a coincidence but rather the direct result that as the practice increases of the various forms and stages of meditation in today’s Christianity, so do its beliefs in the New Spirituality of the Emerging One Church.

In meditation, it is not the realm of the true God which is contacted but the deceptive realm of the god of this world, Lucifer, the fallen Angel of light. The “light” of illumination and inspiration that breaks in on the person meditating is the deliberately deceptive, counterfeit “light” of the Angel of “light.”

The following quotes on the nature and goal of meditation for those who practice it were penned by Alice Bailey. This channeler of one of the fallen angels of Lucifer’s realm was chosen directly by this spirit realm to detail its “Plan” in writing; a Plan which is successfully luring today’s bewitched Christianity into its counterfeit faith of its counterfeit kingdom of its counterfeit “God.” The destination of our faith is determined by our source of faith. Is your source of faith God’s Word or Lucifer’s doctrines of devils and lying experiences? “Christianizing” meditation no more changes the true nature and goal of meditation than dressing up a wolf in sheep’s clothing changes the wolf.

“It is, of course, easy to find many passages which link the way of the Christian Knower with that of his brother in the East. They bear witness to the same efficacy of method and they too use the intellect just as far as it will go and then suspend all effort whilst a new condition of being is instituted and a new state of awareness supervenes....

“Thus, the great schools of intellectual meditation (devoid in the final stages of feeling and emotion) all lead to the same point. From the standpoint of Buddhism, of Hinduism, of Sufism, and of Christianity, there is the same basic goal: Unification with Deity; there is the same transcendence of the senses, the same focusing of the mind at its highest point, the same apparent futility of the mind beyond that point to carry the aspirant to his objective; there is the same entering into the state of contemplation of Reality, the same assimilation into God, and awareness of identity with God, and the same subsequent Illumination.”