Merry, merry |

TBC Staff

At this time of year we are reminded repeatedly of Christ’s birth. Yet in most reminders, the purpose of His coming to earth is perverted or obscured. It would almost seem that Christ came into the world not “to save sinners,” but to give retail sales a huge boost at the end of each year; and to give “Christians” a mirthful holiday season with ample excuse to overindulge in rich foods and strong drink. Honor to Christ becomes so confused with the festivities that even non-Christians can heartily join in the celebration.

Christ said, “I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance” (Lk 5:32). No benefit can accrue from Christ’s coming without acknowledging that one is a sinner and relying upon Christ alone for the remedy. That is the gospel which, though not popular, we must preach. No one can be saved until he realizes he is lost. Hearers and readers must be indicted with their awesome guilt as sinners before God; with the fact that they have lived for self and are thus in rebellion against the God who gave them life and existence. They must be convicted of their need to repent in fear and trembling of the judgment they deserve. Without that repentance, one’s “faith” will inevitably be in a pseudo-Christ whose false mission failed to provide the remedy sinners desperately need now and for eternity.

         Dave Hunt, The Berean Call, December 1995