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TBC Staff

[TBC: In their efforts to project "positive" messages, those in the emergent church display incredible naiveté in their efforts to excuse the inexcusable.]

The Message is from Satan [Excerpts]

I read that statement the other day. Apparently, some people believe that "The Message," a paraphrase of the Bible written by Eugene Peterson is not really the Bible at all, but a Satanic tool to twist the Word of God.

Now let's just get something important out on the table. Satan is not in favor of any Bible translation or paraphrase. Satan would not be behind a Bible coloring book. Satan hates the Bible, stories re-told from the Bible, paintings about the Bible and even those cheesy youth group mime things acting out Bible stories. Okay, I might believe that Satan is behind those dramatic movement things, but he is not behind a Bible paraphrase...I can absolutely guarantee you that.

[TBC: The Pastor writing can hardly guarantee anything regarding limiting the tactics of deception used by the devil. To the contrary, the adversary has been seen in many translations ranging from the "Jefferson Bible" to the "New World Translation." It is demonstrably within his plan to discredit, belittle, and marginalize the Word of God. Satan is active on many fronts, and to fail to recognize the same is to be derelict in one’s duties as a watchman for the Church.]