Messianic Cover up |

TBC Staff

Dr. Tony Wright, a dentist in South Africa, musing on his website how the prophecies of the Bible incontrovertibly point to Jesus as the expected and manifested Messiah:

"As groups such as Answers in Genesis point out, there is an increased reliance upon what is called Ultra-Semitic translations of the Scriptures. What this means is that such translations are opposed to any literal understanding of such passages as Genesis 1. There is a reason for this as the following commentary points out:

"Most of [the prophetic scriptures] point directly or indirectly at Jesus Christ, who fulfilled 371 Tanaach Messianic prophecies. 371 Coincidences? Surely not.....!!! 

"We read in the TALMUD (Sanhedrin 97b):That the Sanhedrin wept and said, "Woe to us! Where is the Messiah? He had to have come by now." Even the Holy leaders of Israel realized the fact that, according to the Tanakh, they had missed their Messiah! To cover up their error, they banned Jews forever from reading or interpreting Daniel 9 - because Daniel 9 gives the date, to the day, that the Messiah was supposed to have come. According to Judaism (the midrash Bereshith on page 243 of the Warsaw edition), the Messiah was to exit in 33 AD."