The More Psychologists We Have |

TBC Staff

Psychologist William Kirk Kilpatrick:

     It sometimes seems that there is a direct ratio between the increasing number of helpers and the increasing number of those who need help.  The more psychologists we have, the more mental illness we get....

     One has to wonder at it all.  In plain language, it is suspicious. We are forced to entertain the possibility that psychology and related professions are proposing to solve problems that they helped to create.  We find psychologists raising people’s expectation for happiness in this life to an inordinate level, and then we find them dispensing advice about the mid-life crisis and dying.  We find psychologists making a virtue  of self-preoccupation, and then we find them surprised at the increased supply of narcissists.  We find psychologists advising the courts that there is no such thing as a bad boy or even a bad adult, and then we find them formulating theories to explain the rise in crime.  We find psychologists severing the bonds of family life, and then we find them conducting therapy for broken homes.

Psychoheresy  pp. 112-113