Mormons and Necromancy |

TBC Staff

Mormons and Necromancy [Excerpts]

October is a “dark month” in more ways than one – it is dark because days are shorter, flowers are gone, and there is no snow yet in the valleys to brighten and lighten the days, but it is also gloomy because, at least here in Utah, dark powers seem to take over the lives and activities of people in preparation to Halloween, which is the devil’s holiday, and evil in all imaginable forms is boldly displayed. Houses are decorated with skulls and bones, witches and warlocks, demons and ghosts – some even add tombstones on their front lawns with screaming recordings as coming from the tombs to frighten the passer-by’s.

Utah, among all 50 states, is the leading state on this focus on scary images and the dead! This must be because Utah is “the Mormon State” and the Mormon Church and its sacred doctrines are focused on the dead. Their most holy places are their temples, and they are specifically built “so that living may communicatewith the dead”, as LDS apostle Parley P. Pratt preached. The temple-going Mormons are said to be “acting as mediums through which the living can hear from the dead” (Journal of Discourses, vol. 2:44-46).  The Bible calls that “necromancy” and God sternly forbids thatand calls it an abomination in His sight. [Deut. 18:10-12 lists necromancy and other occult practicesthat must not have a part in any of His people’s lives.]

(Higley, H.I.S. Ministries November 2010 Newsletter, covering October 2010, November 1, 2010)