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TBC Staff

"No Doubt We're In The Last Days" News

October 20, 2004: Chaos continues to be the norm in the Palestinian areas. The only real government there consists largely of the foreign aid organizations, especially those run by the UN and Red Cross. The aid officials, by supplying food and other necessities to most of the population, are largely immune to the terrorist violence. However, the terrorists, who are now largely Islamic radicals, expect the aid organizations, which are run by non-Moslem foreigners, to pay a form of "tax." This they do in providing food and other goods for terrorist members, and jobs for some terrorists. The muscle in the Palestinian areas is provided by various terrorist militias. The Palestinian Authority, which, in theory, has power, has seen most of its police join one terrorist organization or another. The Palestinian Authority media, especially the television and radio broadcasting operations, support the terrorists by broadcasting large quantities of "kill the Jews" and "Destroy Israel" material. This includes slickly produced videos glamorizing children becoming suicide bombers and attacking Israelis. This stuff is never broadcast in any language but Arabic, and sometimes the more vivid videos are pulled from the air for many months if they get some unwelcome attention in the West. In the Palestinian areas, "MTV" means "Murder TV."

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