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Myths of a Muslim Antichrist [Excerpts]

With Muslim birthrates soaring across predominantly Christian strongholds from Europe to Sub-Saharan Africa some sociological experts have Islam replacing Christianity as the world’s largest religion soon—real soon….Additionally, there has been a growing movement in evangelical circles to pin the ethnic/religious background of the future antichrist as a Muslim.

“The Assyrian” reference in scripture does not necessarily refer to the antichrist

[As explained in the] article, "The Antichrist: Will he be a Muslim?" the reference found in Micah:5:5 to the “Assyrian” is located squarely in a Millennium passage of Micah… (Assyria was the enemy of Israel at the time Micah was written) (Reagan, “The Antichrist: Will he be a Muslim?”, 1).

“The Assyrian” must be a reference to his character as an enemy of God’s people and a terrible person overall.

The Bible doesn’t hold back when describing the personality of the antichrist. He will be the worst human being in world history. Think about that for a moment. Perhaps the most telling indication that the antichrist will not hail from a Muslim land is found in Daniel:11:37,

“Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.”

Could you imagine the response of a devoutly Islamic nation like Egypt or Iran after their leader says, “I am god, there is no other god but… me! You will now bow down and worship… me!” This declaration would be both a direct blasphemy against Allah and a death sentence. Even in secular Turkey a man who claimed to be god would find himself thrown in prison at best.

No, the antichrist will not come from a Muslim land. The biblical, cultural, and historical evidence is too strong against the prospect.

More likely, the antichrist will come from the heir of the Roman Empire – the Western world. Rather than declared a heretic and beheaded, the antichrist’s blasphemous opinions will be welcomed with open arms in post-Christian Europe as trendy and edgy.