Nag, nag, nag |

TBC Staff

The fashion now is to tolerate anything lest we gain a reputation of being intolerant. The tender-minded saints cannot bear to see Agag slain (1 Samuel 15), so they choose rather to sacrifice the health of the church for years to come by sparing error and evil; and this they do in the name of Christian love.

We are under obligation to disturb all seats of wickedness, and where this is done out of sincere love for God and men, great good is bound to follow. No true work of God will suffer from the prayerful examination of Spirit-filled men. Timidity masquerading as love has allowed useless forms and unscriptural practices to persist in many a church till they have brought it to desolation.

We must not be afraid to inquire. The difficulty, of course, is to do this in a Christian spirit. It is hard to find fault without being a faultfinder or to criticize without being censorious. but we have it to do if we hope to keep the work of God pure in a day of iniquity.

                 A.W. Tozer, “The Price of Neglect” from The Berean Call, July 1998