Necromancy |

TBC Staff

[TBC: Infatuation with alleged visions of heaven has led some down a predictable path -- necromancy or communication with the dead. This is expressly forbidden in Scripture (Deuteronomy:18:10-12) and King Saul’s attempt to contact the dead resulted in his final condemnation (1 Samuel 28).]

Let the News be Told Again; Heaven is Real and Beautiful [Excerpts]

On August 14th, 2007, our son David K. Sumrell was involved in an accident where he was killed instantly while on his way to work. A couple nights before his death, his dad warned him about being 21 and invincible. His dad told him if he did not stop burning the candle at both ends, it would kill him. David immediately told his dad these words "Dad, you know how much I love you and I know how much you love me, if I don't see you in the morning, then I will see you in heaven." This was the last time I saw him alive.

David's family knew he had gone ahead of us, because the Lord was ready for him in heaven. The loss was tremendous due to the love David had for everyone. His sister Lindsay was 20 years old and they were the closest brother and sister you could ever imagine. Lindsay was especially lost because they were so close; however she prayed to God for her peace and understanding of why.

Last night while she was asleep in her bed David came to her in her dream and they were in communication for a long time. This was not the first time for her to know he was there and with her, but last night after the Lord had prepared her for him, she and David talked about many things. Lindsay asked David if there really was a Heaven? David told her yes. She then asked him was it pretty? David told her no. He told her it was beautiful. Lindsay asked David if he would come to mom to give her comfort? David told her it was easier for him to come to her.