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TBC Staff

[TBC: Neale Donald Walsch, like many false teachers, is not fearful of putting words in God’s mouth, even if it is necessary to trample the Scriptures. His thoughts concerning the sin of Adam and Eve have a parallel to Mormon teaching.]

Condemn Adam and Eve?

"For centuries people have been condemning Adam and Eve. They are said to have committed Original Sin. I tell you this: It was the Original Blessing. For without this event, the partaking of the knowledge of good and evil, you would not even know the two possibilities existed! Indeed, before the so-called Fall of Adam, these two possibilities did not exist. There was no "evil." Everyone and everything existed in a state of constant perfection. It was, literally, paradise. Yet you didn't know it was paradise -- could not experience it as perfection -- because you knew nothing else.

"Shall you then condemn Adam and Eve, or thank them?"

(Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations With God, Book 2, Page 57)

[TBC: Having begun in opposition to the Word of God, Walsch throws a humanistic curve without really considering the implications. The Scriptures are unanimous that the Fall was bad. Seeing the suffering and death which followed, we can only concur with the judgment of Scripture.]