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TBC Staff

[TBC: Increasingly popular with many today, new age teachers like Neale Donald Walsch would have all of humanity believe the lie “ye shall be as gods” (Genesis:3:5). That teaching is demonstrated in the following “inspirational message of the day,” available as a new age alternative to “Our Daily Bread.” Walsch, who received messages while channeling an entity, also presents cultic teachings such as “reincarnation in multiple lifetimes across the space-time continuum (Star Trek and science fiction fans will enjoy this), communication with spirits, and highly evolved civilizations” (Excerpt from a review of “Conversations With God”).]

Does Humanity Have a Chance? (Part 2)

Just look at what you have done so far! Against all odds, you brought yourselves into being, and moved your species into consciousness.

Against all odds, you acquired sufficient understanding of the world around you to produce truly extraordinary physical achievements.

Against all odds, you grew in self-awareness to the point where you recognized that there was something greater than the limited experience of you, developing arts and culture, science, philosophy, and spirituality to express your expanded view of existence.

(Neale Donald Walsch, The New Revelations, Page 25)