New Bible for Teen Boys |

TBC Staff

Magazine Hopes to Lure Teen Boys into Bible Reading

Religion News Service

Volume 2, Number 10 - March 12, 2004

By Amanda Mantone. 

Sex advice, music reviews and tips on looking good ... no, it's not the latest issue of GQ or Maxim. It's the Bible -- for the mind of a teenage guy. “Refuel” is the New Testament that looks like an entertainment magazine, and it hits secular and religious bookstores in April. Featuring quizzes and dating hints alongside the Word of God, Refuel caters to young Christian men who aren't otherwise reading Scripture. “It really was birthed from research we did that said teens don't read the Bible because it's too big and too intimidating,” said Laurie Whaley, a spokesperson for Thomas Nelson Inc., the publisher of “Refuel.” “We removed the intimidation factor, so it's fun -- and it's a Bible.” “Refuel” is written in a modern and easy-to-read translation, and is priced for a teen's budget at $16.99. It features recommendations for Christian pop CDs and columns such as “Inside Her Head: Real Girls Give Their Opinions.”