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A New Low In Christendom - Charging For Prayer [Excerpts]

I have just got done investigating one of the most insidious and malicious scams I have seen to date on the internet. The scammers are the owners of www.christianprayercenter.com. It is a website that advertises heavily using Google AdWord. They say that millions of Christian will pray for you worldwide. They also claim to have miracle prayer requests answered.

The only reason I stumbled upon this scam is because of a person reporting them to me on Christian Faithbook. They clicked on the ad in order to place a prayer request. After signing up, and filling out all the forms to place their ad, they were asked for a donation. Now I do not have a problem with people donating to a website. That is not the issue. The issue is that they did not give an option for not giving a donation and when they tried to post their prayer request without giving a donation, the prayer request was denied! So what you have is people charging you for prayer!

Proverbs:1:19: “So are the ways of every one that is greedy of gain; which taketh away the life of the owners thereof.”

If you don't think they are preying instead of praying, just take a look at a few of the quotes on www.christianprayercenter.com

"Today I received a check from the insurance company handling my workers comp claim for reimbursement of mileage for driving to Dr. appts, pharmacy and physical therapy. Came about 3 days early and was more than enough to pay the rent this week." -Michael F.

"I wanted to thank you all for all the prayers you have sent up to our savior. My husband was very sick. I took him in to have surgery. Soon afterwards they came back into the room loudly saying we don't operate on people who have nothing wrong. He was healed, praise God!" -Debra D.

"When I got in from work this evening, I received a letter from IRS: Certificate of Release of Federal Tax Lien. The letter stated that over 10,000 dollars of back taxes has been satisfied. Thank you for all your prayers and I look forward to successfully sharing the job I will be landing next Tuesday." -Joyce C.

These people are selling prayer! This is abominable!


[TBC: This is nothing new. Dominican Friar Johann Tetzel (1469-1519), who aggressively sold indulgences to Catholics desiring to free their departed loved ones from purgatory, even had a “jingle” as part of his approach: “As soon as a coin in the coffer rings, the rescued soul from purgatory springs.” Furthermore, such payments continue today as relatives of deceased Roman Catholics pay to have Masses said for time reduction in purgatory of their deceased loved ones.]