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Teen Girls Sue To Win Back Their Sport, 2/14/20, “Teen girls sue to win back their sport” [Excerpts]: Three female athletes have stepped forward at a Connecticut high school in an attempt stop the biological males who are competing against them—and dashing past them—on the high school running track.

“This is a big issue a lot of coaches have—that we’ve got to do something,” a high school coach told the local newspaper. “But how come you’re not saying anything?”

The most likely reason is fear of backlash for “transphobic” actions against male runners such as Terry Miller, who was blowing past girls and setting new state records but is viewed by LGBT activists as a hero. 

A second male runner, Andraya Yearwood, was featured in a glowing documentary about transgenders and was welcomed at GLAAD headquarters in New York City.


Evolutionists Have A Back Problem, 3/23/20, “Evolutionists Have a Back Problem” [Excerpts]: Back pain is one of humanity’s most common complaints. And the most common explanation one hears for back pain is that our backs hurt because we stand and

walk erect.

Even high school textbooks repeat this myth. Students are taught that our backs bother us because we haven’t fully adjusted to our evolution into human beings. Supposedly, when we were still getting around ape‑like on all fours, our backs didn’t hurt. Then we stood up. The new stresses on the spine caused it to curve forward, leading to backaches. Our backbones still have not evolved to support the stress of upright pressure. Many backache treatments are based on this assumption. So they use exercises that try to reverse the natural curvature of the back. Whether these exercises solve the long‑term problem is debatable.

The Bible tells us that we did not evolve. We were created by an intelligent Creator who certainly knew how to make a backbone for human beings. Upright posture isn’t our problem. Even dogs suffer back problems. That’s why some therapists have been reporting good long‑term results using a therapy that doesn’t assume that our backs hurt because of evolution. Rather, they assume that the human spine is supposed to have a forward curve. They recommend exercises that correct the forward curvature of the spine.



L.A. Neighborhood—Sacred Murals, 2/5/20, “In this LA neighborhood, residents unite to bless one of its most sacred murals” [Excerpts]: Aztec dancers knelt, swirled and stomped on the street. Others pounded drums and sounded shell trumpets. A woman held an incense burner above her, pointed it toward the sky and shook it in all directions around her. 

Titled “Mexico-Tenochtitlan: The Wall That Talks,” the mural fuses Aztec, Mayan and Native American images in unity with one another. Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent deity of Mesoamerican culture, winds his way through cultural icons like the Virgin Mary, the patron saint of Mexico; the Aztec calendar; and [activist] Cesar Chavez.

As a doctoral candidate in psychology, [resident Brenda] Perez researches how sacred indigenous symbols and community art can help heal trauma and resist discrimination. She recalled a Virgin Mary image on a liquor store wall that was painted over. “When murals with her image are whitewashed, it’s a sacrilegious act,” she said. “That’s something that everyone must respect because it’s a culture.”

Artist John Zender Estrada said some of his art has been removed. One mural, “Resist Violence With Peace,” featured an Aztec warrior surrounded by eagles and was painted over a few years ago. He completed it in 1993, in the wake of the LA riots. Zender Estrada said he assumed his mural was protected under a city ordinance that considered artwork created before October 2013 as “vintage original art murals.”


[TBC: “Resist Violence with peace?” For Aztecs, “their duty was to feed the gods with human blood, thereby keeping the sun alive. They believed that the gods could be satisfied through the sacrifice of animals, objects, and, in particular, people.” The Gospel is above culture. It is able to deliver us from the bondage of such things as Aztec sacrifices or devotion to a Mary unknown to Scripture. Culture comes with its baggage (traditions) while “...grace and truth came through Jesus Christ” (John:1:17).]