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Is Mother Earth Angry?, 2/17/22, “Is Mother (Earth) Angry?” [Excerpts]: One of the themes of the 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Salt Lake City, UT, was apologizing to Mother Earth. Gaia worship was pervasive in the main sessions and exhibition hall. “Mom” is sick, and it is our fault. In addition to public sessions of repentance, there was a booth accepting “Love Notes to the Earth.”

It seems British ecologist and futurist, James Lovelock, is of the opinion that Gaia has indeed had enough and is fighting back. John Stonestreet writes in, “A Gaian Interpretation of COVID and the World”:

“Gaia” is the ancient Greek goddess who personified Earth, and the theory behind it is one Lovelock pioneered in the 1970s. The idea is that Earth is a single complex organism with its vast amounts of life striving to balance and correct its ecology, sort of like a huge immune system. 

“From that worldview foundation, Lovelock offers this extreme conclusion: “Covid-19 may well have been one attempt by the Earth to protect itself.” He means, of course, that the earth was attempting to protect itself from humans. If people continue to egg on the planet he warns, “Gaia will try harder next time with something even nastier.” 

“Climate Change” advocates are the prophets, priests, and worshippers promoting the modernized religion. This updated version of the ancient Greek goddess, Gaia, who personified the earth is Federally funded, mandated, and citizens are required to perform obedience by donating to the religion’s support through taxation. Heretics will be punished, perhaps even killed by “Mom!”

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Faceless Dolls to Avoid Offending Muslims, 1/26/22, “France: Some toy stores sell faceless dolls to avoid offending Muslims”: It isn’t an “ultra-radical version of Islam, which forbids the depiction of human beings”; it’s at this point standard, mainstream Islam, to avoid the temptation to idolatry. In any case, this is one small indication of how Islamic mores are becoming commonplace in some areas of France.

In Roubaix, some toy shops sell faceless dolls to comply with an ultra-radical version of Islam that forbids the depiction of humans.

“In the Islamic tradition, the representation of the human figure has given rise to very diverse interpretations, and in fact, there is no unanimous condemnation,” [Jocelyne Cesari, a specialist in contemporary Islam at Harvard] explained in 2014 [to] Slate.


Bacterial Complexity, 2/7/22, “Bacterial Complexity” [Excerpts]: Yet another layer of complexity has been added to the lowly bacterial cell. It has been discovered they can undergo genetic silencing to guard themselves from mutations. A researcher stated this finding is “an extremely important system that had not been appreciated until now.”

Prior to this discovery, it was thought all parts of the circular chromosome of the bacteria were fully expressed. In other words, the bacterium could not control chromosome accessibility.

The article states, “Bacteria can become infected with viruses that integrate into their genomes, becoming genetic elements called prophages. Under certain conditions, these prophages can lead to the death of the bacterial cell. Finding and silencing these regions is critical for the cell’s survival.”

Now it’s been discovered bacteria can regulate their gene (DNA) expression by way of a simple but interesting energy-rich molecule called polyphosphate (or polyP)—ubiquitous in the living world. It targets a specific protein in the bacterial genome (the total genetic information) that contains problematic elements (e.g. prophages), preventing their transcription (production of RNA molecules using the bacterial DNA strand as a template). Such an important step silences parts of a bacterium’s chromosome (genetic elements) that can cause problems such as harmful mutations. When polyphosphate is absent there is a mobilization of deleterious transposons (DNA elements) and prophages, resulting in cell death via DNA damage.

This discovery of self-protection through selective genetic silencing indicates that bacteria are once again far from simple cells and reflects the mind of the all-wise Creator.