No Healing |

TBC Staff


The contrast between the healing ministry of the Lord Jesus and that of modern day practitioners is grievous. Consider the following observations by Dr. William Nolen following a Kathryn Kuhlman meeting.

"During the service, as those who had 'claimed a cure' came down off the stage, two legal secretaries I had enlisted to help me wrote down the names, addresses, phone numbers and diagnoses of everyone who was willing to cooperate in a follow-up study. We got 82 names. A few weeks after the service, letters were sent to the names on the list, inviting them to come to Minneapolis on Sunday, July 14, and tell us about their experiences. Twenty-three people showed up, and I made arrangements to interview them individually over the next few months. 

"In talking to these people, I tried to be as honest, understanding and objective as possible, but I couldn't dispense with my medical knowledge and my common sense. I listened carefully to everything they told me and followed up every lead that might have led to a confirmation of a miracle. I was led to an inescapable conclusion: Of the patients who had returned to Minneapolis to reaffirm the cures claimed at the miracle service, not one had, in fact, been miraculously cured of anything" (Nolen, "In Search of a Miracle," McCall's Magazine , 9/74).