Not a Sunday Thing |

TBC Staff

I used to think that religion was a Sunday thing, like one’s Sunday clothes, to be put away on Monday morning. We boys were brought up to go to church regularly, and although we had a kind of religion, it didn’t amount to much. It was just like having a toothache. We were always sorry to have Sunday come, and glad when it was Monday morning. [Sunday] was the dullest day of the whole week—just because we had got hold of the wrong end of religion.

This resonated with me as truly, this was my own sentiment until I was 15 years old and the "right end of religion" got hold of me, capturing me by grace and awakening me to the precious love and life of Jesus.

--C.T. Studd (2 December 1860 – 16 July 1931, British cricketer, missionary, and a contributor to The Fundamentals).

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