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…[T]ribulation worketh patience; and patience, experience, and experience, hope….


For if Jesus had not been crucified none could now be saved. If there were no testing by fire then true faith would not shine forth. If the rock is not split open, then the water of life cannot flow forth. So difficulties are the means for promoting life and revival in the churches.

To carnal men, this is unfortunate, but for Christians this is like a rich banquet. This lesson cannot be learned from books. This sweetness cannot be tasted by carnal men. This rich spiritual life does not exist in a comfortable environment. Where there is no cross, there is no crown. If the spices are not refined to become oil, then the fragrance cannot flow forth. If grapes are not crushed in the vat, they will not become wine.

Portion, letter from a house church, Fangcheng, China