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Lloyd-Jones, Martyn
Newton, John

The Christian is a man who expects nothing from this world. He does not pin his hopes on it, because he knows that it is doomed.

The Christian is not a good man. He is a vile wretch who has been saved by the grace of God. Do you think that you deserve forgiveness? If you do, you are not a Christian.

One of the best tests of whether we are truly Christian or not is just this: Do I hate my natural self?

—D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, The Banner of Truth, Aug-Sep 1986

It is a mighty manifestation of God’s grace indeed, when it can live, and act, and conquer in such hearts as ours; when in defiance of an evil nature and an evil world, and all the force and subtlety of Satan, a weak worm is still upheld...a small spark is preserved through storms and floods....

Our holiness does not consist in great attainments, but in...humiliation of heart, poverty of spirit...and dependence upon Him alone for all we need.

—John Newton (to a correspondent), The Banner of Truth, Aug-Sep 1986