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TBC Staff

Dear Berean Call,

Thank you for all your devoted work for the Lord. Keep it up! You may have those who are against what you print/preach; but there are many, many, many of us who support, pray for, and love you.  JT (VA)

Dear Brother Dave,

The September ’03 edition of the TBC newsletter is another stark example of the faithful crusade to spread the gospel of love through Jesus Christ. It befuddles me how utterly gullible society is when it comes to reverse discrimination. By categorizing all preachings against homosexuality as hatred (when, in fact, these are based on the loving deliverance found in the Lord Jesus), those who dwell in that deceitful darkness are so hypo-critical in dealing with what they call intolerance—by being intolerant? Go figure! Yet I hope and pray that your strong message will help to redirect those so-called “open-minded” Christians who either accept or dismiss deviant conduct in the name of felicity. GR (prisoner, OR)

Dear Brother Dave,

Thanks to you, I am a “reformed Calvinist.” You have a wonderful gift of being able to explain difficult/controversial (so-called) passages. Calvinism is only one of many, but it is the one that hits close to home for me. I was a Calvinist in the John MacArthur vein. Calvinism, to me, had more biblical support than the opposing view. That is, until I heard your “What Love Is This?” message. Your message was so clear, I couldn’t do anything but accept it. It is all right there in the Scriptures, but I didn’t see it. So, thank you. Your ministry always takes me back to the Bible and gives me such a tremendous appreciation for our God. I was overwhelmed at God’s love after hearing “What Love Is This?” CG (NC)

Dear Dave,

I would like to thank you for writing the book What Love Is This? It is very much needed in the body of Christ today…. Thank you for all the research you’ve done. Calvinism truly misrepresents the God of the Bible. JC (PA)

To Dave, Tom, and all those faithfully serving at TBC,

[I want to] encourage your endeavors to produce a video explaining psychology and its influence within the professing church. The large church we were attending…has led us to understand the dangers of Mind Science in the Word-Faith movement, yet when it comes to the “Mind Science” of psy-chology, [they offer] little clarity and perhaps unknowingly draw from the “muddied stream” of psychobabble….Both movements are selling knowledge falsely—the knowledge of how man can do it. FH (WI)

Dear Sir,

I wish to inform you that I will not need your newsletters anymore….After having studied for over 20 years, always wondering how in the world so many explanations were coming my way, lots of them contradictory, I decided to do my own research elsewhere….I came across some articles from the internet, plus several books on the subject of the Bible [and other works that] definitely convinced me that the King James Bible is a fraud. Consequently I have to ask you not to send your letters anymore. MH (Canada)

Dear Dave,

Thanks so much for your letter on “pre-trib” Rapture! I have been back and forth, but mostly against pre-trib. However, the Word alone must correct and change us. I believe I stand corrected. I want very much to be at the wedding supper of the Lamb. I do not want to be slothful in my heart. LS (ND)

Dear Dave,

I waited for a long time for a clear understanding of Calvin’s teaching on election. What Love Is This? confirmed what I knew God’s Word taught. Why do men have to muddy up the simplicity of the gospel? It seems that not only did Calvin not fully escape the Catholic Church, but he set himself up as a type of “pope” and the only authority. He seems to have gone against Galatians in that he invented another gospel, which would fall into the realm of doctrines of demons. RB (TN)