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Dear Dave and Tom,
Thank you for your excellent book, Psychology and the Church. Having...friends who are training to be counsellors I have been aware of the obvious conflict with the Scriptures and trying to point this out to them. Your book has really helped to clarify things for me. I pray you will live to be as old as Methuselah, as it will be a sad day for the church when you are no longer here to contend for the faith (not for you, of course). [Your book] is a real treasure for which I am really grateful, knowing that it could open [people's] eyes to the terrible deception of psychology in the church. JB (United Kingdom)

Dear Mr. Hunt,
What a colossal legacy-I know possibly not in terms of dollars or popularity, but in terms of exposing falsehoods and enunciating truth.... I'm sure your ministry has been given many labels, some not complimentary, but I see it as a discernment-based, fundamental (and I use that term in the most positive sense) ministry. This is very significant to me because, from my limited experience, they seem to be disappearing from the face of the planet. I know I have been responded to quite negatively...for even suggesting that the rise of Islam is related to end times prophecy. Forget criticizing the Catholic Church. Ah well, these are all discernment issues....I hope...that your opportunities for ministry expand, even at this late stage. "For the coming of the Lord draweth nigh." JC (TN)

Dear Sirs,
I just picked up your book The Seduction of Christianity. I...can see how much the New Age religion has made highways into the church since you gave the warning call back in 1985. With New Age based on evolution, as are all false religions, and noting the deceiving of Eve and the world, nothing much has changed since the Garden. But it does seem like more and more Christians are being deceived like Eve, or with their eyes wide open like Adam. HN (email)

Dear Tom,
I was doubly glad to get your August newsletter. Satan has been hard at work over the centuries to destroy the Bible, and your article, "Refashioning God" was needed to keep Christians up to date. Wouldn't you know that the day after receiving the BC, I was faced with responding to Christians and non-Christians who were enthralled by The Shack....Thanks for making that info available. JD (OR)

Dear Ones,
For the last several months I have been involved with political activism. Though I agreed with Mark Dinsmore's wonderful articles on Christian Patriotism, I was completely convinced that [by] keeping my involvement "within" my legal rights to bring redress with government, I was okay. Well, I may not have been involved in anarchy, nor would I have joined in such behavior, but I was trying to stand in two worlds, focused on heaven and earth...and guess which focus was winning? A few days ago...I was face to face with despair, and sinking fast....I began to long for my Heavenly Father's arms to grab me up as though I, at 58, were but a little girl. In His mercy, the TBC newsletter arrived yesteday, and through it, as He has done so many times before, the Lord corrected and comforted me so sweetly. Then when I turned to the letter you printed by John Newton, God held me close and wicked my pain away-precious to remind me of which place I am truly a citizen, and Who it is that rules. Praise be to God for His wonderful love! Then this morning He brought someone into my life to minister to, and as I shared about how blessed I've been by TBC over the last 25 years, I mentioned Dave's timeless book, The Seduction of Christianity....Thank you so much for your faithfulness to listen to the Lord as He leads you on what to print each month! T.A., kudos on your fine response regarding The Shack. SJ (email)

Dear Dave and Friends,
I am a captive saint in prison....By chance or by divine providence I was introduced to The Berean Call ministry. Having been in prison since 1984, I am out of touch with current trends and spiritual state of the church out in the world. But your ministry is a Godsend. I don't have any source of income to support your ministry but I can hold you up in prayer. Could you please place me on your mailing list...? I would be thankful to partake of the fruit of your labors of speaking the truth in love and being watchmen to the body of Christ. DF (prisoner, NV)

I've been a supporter of The Berean Call for a long time. I enjoy the newsletter. Didn't know you updated your website. I really liked the article on the social gospel. You really nailed it as [the] basis for the emergent church. I will continue to use this site in my biblical studies. JW (email)

Dear TBC,
My family and friends have been reading TBC for many years and I'm so thankful to the Lord that I also can read and learn from them. A special thanks to Ruth Hunt for her article "The Suitable Helper." As a young Christian woman, it can be so incredibly discouraging talking about marriage, even with other Christian women. There is so much bitterness and attitude, or even carelessness, associated with marriage in many people's hearts. I read "The Suitable Helper" with such joy and relief-finally, a woman sharing godly wisdom and encouraging us to truly be helpers to our men, not hindrances. Thank you, Ruth! JQ (MA)