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Dear Dave,

Just wanted to send a note to let you know how much my wife and I [enjoy] your books,TBC newsletters, and the talks you've given over the years....When I first picked up The Seduction of Christianity at a "Christian" bookstore...some 12-13 years ago, we were in search of truth from the Word, having been duped by the Word Faith lies of naming and claiming. I knew just by leafing through it that this was what we needed to help set us free from their convoluted theology....You and T. A. did an excellent job in exposing the trash that's out there, and people are always amazed that the book is so relevant, although written some twenty-plus years ago. Thank you so much for obeying God's call on your life and being the example over these many years in sticking to the Scriptures no matter what. W&JH (IN)

Dear Mr. Hunt,

I believe you are the author of the book I'm reading [Sanctuary of the Chosen]. I just wanted to tell you how fascinating it is....I can hardly put it down when it's time to go to sleep. Even though it's dated, the entire process of what is happening in the book is very illuminating, even today. I would love to see it as a movie. Thank you and God bless you! NG (email)

Dear Mr. McMahon,

While I am encouraged by the efforts and ministry of The Berean Call, I was disenchanted and concerned by your September article, "The Less Than Truthful 'Truth Project.'" True: the prevalence and popularity of false gospels is gravely disturbing, and a place exists for their identification. However, your attack on Calvinism was out of order (I lean towards a dispensationalist's point of view myself). It seems you are assuming that you have an inerrant, perfect understanding of God's truth spoken through His Word.Is it possible that, with our childlike intellect (1 Corinthians 13), we may not fully comprehend the meaning or depth of all the truth presented in Scripture, until we reach our eternal home?

I fear you are demonstrating judgmentalism. Please prayerfully consider whether it is wise to engage in this battle of doctrine. Consider whether Satan may desire for you to fight doggedly over this petty issue, and consequently miss the bigger picture: love. Before I go further, please allow me to clarify that by "love" I do not mean "everybody hold hands." However, our command is to love God, and our neighbor as ourselves.This sums up the law and the prophets.Please keep doctrine and understanding in their place.Our first priority is to love, not to know.

However, I commend your faithfulness in seeking to impart truth to this myopic, sleepy culture.Satan and his demons do not like people like you.Be on your guard! KR (CO)

TBC Staff,

Thank you for continuing to send me your monthly TBC newsletter. I have been receiving it now for several years and it has been really informative and...discusses some very pertinent issues and doctrinal red flags....It is very important to be more aware of the different issues that our Christian faith is dealing with, and the attacks that it comes under. I won't take too much of your time....I love Jesus very much, because He first loved me and has truly blessed me so much with His Spirit, truth, love....His presence in my life is beautiful, radiant, vibrant, and all encompassing! DK (OR, prisoner)

Berean Call,

As a pastor of a church, I was very pleased with the March issue. I have been pointing out the deception from both Rick Warren and Glenn Beck for some time. There is such a need for the gift of discernment in the church. It seems to me that many churches are inviting false prophets and teachers into the church and permitting them to sit in the first pew. We really need to pray for discernment for the church. Thanks so much forThe Berean Call. I make sure that the elders of the church get to read some of the articles. WC (PA)

Dear Brother Hunt,

I'm...a missionary here in the Philippines. Someone loaned me your book What Love Is This?and I just want to say thank you a million times! I was supported 100 percent by my home church for about six years. Then came the emails about some doctrinal shifts. Of course, the new changes were laced with Calvinism, although they would not call it that. I would not consider these new changes and within three months they dropped me and I lost it all.

It was during these trying, yet wonderful days that another missionary friend who knew little of the situation loaned me your book. God is so good! By the grace of God, the word got out to many of our friends and we have been able to stay on the field. We have not recovered all that we lost, but are close enough that we can stay here. It is our prayer that we can continue without a major interruption. We have a small college here and I would like to use your book as a part of our studies. I would like every student to read the book and do assignments. Thank you! EG (Philippines)

Dear Berean Call,

I thank God for such a ministry as yours. The very things we need in these times are exhortation, encouragement, the brightness of the Truth of the Word of God to shine forth in our hearts....You folks have touched my life in such an incredible way as no one ever has. The very Truth of the Word that you bring forth is [what] we are lacking in the churches today. It is a frightening thing to watch and see the destruction of our churches....May God continue to bless each and every one of you as you continue to bless us. SD (FL)