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Dear T. A. & Staff,
I am astonished at the rising number of long-time, loyal supporters of TBC who suddenly find themselves opposed to its views, fiercely offended, and insisting that their subscriptions be cancelled, while accusing Dave & T. A. of a lack of love and unity. Sadly, because the views held by TBC have remained essentially unchanged since the beginning, the only explanation is that these folks have allowed themselves to become deceived by entertaining “doctrines of demons” and are no longer able to “endure sound doctrine.” After years of standing fast, they have abandoned their beliefs and have succumbed to the very peril that TBC diligently warns against. This should serve as warning to each and every one of us. Let none of us ever find ourselves writing one of those terminal letters, being offended and seduced by error. “Take heed lest ye also fall!” Keep contending for the truth at any cost! JC (AZ, prisoner)

Brethren at TBC,
Regarding the book The Harbinger, here is the root problem of the book: the founding fathers’ dedication of the nation to God. Over what sources does Mr. Cahn say that? It seems that he rather assumes it. This is a belief many Americans assume, especially Christians, when there are valid sources saying otherwise, e.g., historical documents. For some, maybe it is better to believe a nice and groundless assumption, since it has been widely accepted for very long. I prefer to believe the truth, no matter how hard it may be. False assumptions always lead to false ideas and beliefs. AM (email)
Dear Dave,
Having just read your article “Are We Too Negative?” I just want to say, well done, once again. While I can’t stand and smugly say I’m perfect, I know when I do what I shouldn’t do and I don’t do what I should do. The Lord has given me the tools required to walk the walk and after that it’s all down to choice, no matter how we try to pretty it up with various headings and categories. We have become so soft on ourselves that we decide to put anything we don’t want to deal with into a separate heading and suddenly it’s not our fault anymore. May God forgive us and give us ears to hear what he is saying and a softness of heart to return to Him. Thank you, and keep on calling it what it is! MR (email)
Dear Mr. Hunt,
Just a little note to thank you very much for the Berean magazines you sent me. I do look forward to them each month. God bless you and all the team for speaking and standing up for the Truth in these Last Days. JN (Northern Ireland)
Dear Berean Call,
I am reading Temporal Delusion by
T. A. McMahon. As Dave would say, “Wow!” Thank you, T. A., for putting pen to paper and giving us all of this vital info in one place. My plan is to share this book with as many as will read it. Again, thank you! AB (AL)
Dear Friends at Berean Call,
Your article, “Are We Too Negative?” has prompted me to say “thank you” from the bottom of my heart for standing on the TRUTH of God’s Word and defending it at all cost.
Your articles online, as well as those on Lighthouse Trails Research and Understand the Times, helped our family get out of a “Christian Cult” by exposing their lies. Your articles also helped us find our way back to the TRUTH! We now enjoy expository teaching of God’s Word, reading and studying His Words in the context in which they were written—which is so very beautiful indeed!
I will remember you in my prayers as you fight for the TRUTH! Please be encouraged and know that your ministry is making a difference in many lives! JY (NC)
Dear Mr. Hunt,
Thank you, Mr. Hunt, for being so honest about the Catholic Church. I actually left the church after having a revelation one day while saying the rosary. I came to the Hail Holy Queen prayer and while saying the words “our Life our sweetness and our hope,” I realized that it is only Christ who is our Life and our hope. I was so depressed after realizing that I had been so foolish to put my hope into another. I had many other doubts as well. My problem was that I wasn’t reading the Bible where we have the very word of God, which will guide us and help us in preventing these mistakes in the first place. I ordered your book A Woman Rides the Beast, and although I knew of a dark history within the Roman Catholic Church, I didn’t know just [how] horrific and deeply disturbing. I thank you for standing up for the truth when many times I know it can be difficult. It is authors like you who make a big difference in the world of Christianity. God bless you, Dave. FW (email)
Show me one place in the Bible where it says what books belong in the Bible. Where in the bible does Jesus Christ ever say “write the Bible?” If you can’t answer this question, then based on your illogic, you might as well reject the Bible. You can’t point to a single verse in the Bible that tells us which books belong in the Bible. You depend on the trust that you have in the Authority and Infallibility of Pope St. Damasus, in accepting as inspired the scriptures which you reduced and corrupted. Neither can you point to a single verse where the Lord Jesus Christ says “write the Bible.” The word “Bible” is not even in the Bible.
So protestants depend on the original and one true Bible, as a blueprint, in counterfeiting their own, man made inspired so called “bibles.” This is proven by the fact that verses, chapters, and punctuation were first added to the Bible in the 13th century by Cardinal Stephen Langton of the Catholic Church. The verses and chapters found in the true Bible, are the same as those found in the protestant so called “bibles” and some verses begin right in the middle of sentences: and it is impossible for the protestants to have put the verses and chapters in their so called bibles, without first consulting the Original—of the Church. The only exception is that the protestants decided to number their book of psalms, 1 verse ahead (of the True Bible).
People don’t get to Heaven by merely thinking they will. Pray hard to Mother Mary and the Saints and Angels, so you may be delivered from your protestant heresies. CH (email)
Dear Friends,
I cannot thank you enough for the 2012 conference. What great speakers, fellowship & ministry tools! Finally, I got to meet you. It really was the joy of my life. May God bless you all as you keep pressing on in these last days. LT (CA)
Dear Dave and Tom,
Thank you for continuing to provide the premier discernment ministry in America. I just received the August issue of The Berean Call (which I’ve never paid a penny for, and devour more eagerly than anything else I get in the mail), and have not yet finished reading it through because I feel called on to voice my agreement with your stand on the Harbinger controversy. Your ministry regularly takes stands that are despised by the world, but this seems to have set you at odds with some of your usual allies. That must make it an especially tough stand to take, so I feel bound as a long-time recipient of your publication to return a word of encouragement and support.
As a pastor who must regularly feed the flock, I realize how important hermeneutic principles are. No Scripture is of private interpretation, so if a study is doctrinal…we must take care to find the true interpretation. The main rule of correct interpretation is to compare Scripture with Scripture. How many doctrines can you think of that are made out of one verse? We discover the true meaning of a verse by seeing how it fits with a corroborating meshwork of other verses….This method of testing the true meaning of a verse by comparing it with companion verses is based on the realization that God has given us a self-authenticating and self-interpreting Book….
The Harbinger does not allow for such a verification of its claims. It is a doctrine made out of one passage. That passage is not shown to exist in a harmonious network of supporting passages that…confirm and reinforce each other. The solitary passage is instead compared to certain historic events, and because of a superficial correspondence between them, the author claims to advance a true interpretation of the passage. His claim bypasses the first rule of hermeneutics. Rather than compare Scripture with Scripture, he compares an isolated passage with history. This faulty hermeneutic principle opens the door to all kinds of error. To interpret a particular Scripture in reference to worldly events that appear to line up with it is basically the allegorical method of interpretation. With no cross-references to validate interpretation, he resorts to a private interpretation founded on mere historic coincidences. Obviously this practice will facilitate erroneous teaching.
That this hermeneutic is acceptable to contemporary Christians is not so surprising. But that even some contemporary “discernment ministries” are taken in by it reveals just how bad the spiritual state of the modern church is.
Please keep up the good work, guys. You are sorely needed in our day! SB (MI)
Dear TBC,
Thank you for your constant work for the Lord. You and Dave have blessed me beyond words. My family members love you—especially my 22-year-old daughter. She just came down asking me where your latest newsletter was. She has listened to Dave Hunt’s “What Love Is This?” lecture many times. We love you at Berean Call. WR (email)
Beloved at The Berean Call,
I cannot thank you enough for your ministry to me over the past 22 years. Almost daily you have taught me and fed me the word of God. I am always so delighted and blessed to receive the email newsletters and articles. May the LORD continue to raise up faithful servants for this important service to the body of Christ. JD (Canada)
Dear Berean Call,
Please remove me from your mailing list. While I have enjoyed some of the articles, I also found a lot of error. Non-biblical teachings such as: secret rapture, 7 years of Tribulation, taking a statement in Daniel that refers to Christ (causing the sacrifices to cease) and saying that refers to the Antichrist, too much counter reformation Jesuit teachings, Luther, Calvin, Knox, Cramer…none of them believed these things. I will pray for you. GS (WA)
I appreciated the article entitled “Are We Too Negative?” in the August BC newsletter. The answer to the question is No, No, No! In fact, I am amazed at the willingness within the body of Christ to embrace any and all teachings, regardless of their biblical support, in the name of being “non-judgmental” and “loving one another.” This is done to the abandonment of all sound biblical truth. Truth and love need to be equally balanced. It is certainly not loving to ignore false teachings. How can any Christian read the books of 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus, 1, 2 & 3 John, etc., and come to the conclusion that “contending for the faith” (Jude 6), “speaking the truth in love” (Ephesians:4:15), “speaking the things which are fitting for sound doctrine” (Titus:2:1), “prescribe and teach these things” (1 Timothy:4:11), “pay close attention to yourself and to your teaching” (1 Timothy:4:16), “with gentleness correcting those who are in opposition” (2 Timothy:3:25), “preach the word; be ready in season and out of season, reprove, rebuke, exhort” (2 Timothy:4:2), “holding fast the faithful word which is in accordance with teaching” (Titus:1:9) is negative?
I think the question should be “Why are so many Christians opposed and desensitized to contending for our precious faith?” SY (OR)
Dear Dave,
As one who has been blessed by Bro Dave’s work since 1973 (I was a senior in high school), I want to thank you for your tremendous contribution to my life and ministry. I had the privilege of taking you to dinner twice, after you spoke at prophecy conferences. (It surprised me that you accepted my invitations.) Our conversations were the high point of each event for me. The patience and kindness you showed to this young ignorant minister moved me to tears. Your teaching inspired me to study hard and try to be a Berean Christian. I will always feel a debt of gratitude to you and most of all to the Lord for the way He has used you thru the years. May you have peace, joy, and all-sufficient grace every day. God bless your family for sharing you with us. You are in my prayers. HH (email)
I have read a couple of Dave’s books and found them excellent reading but had never visited your site. Recently, I was encouraged to read a book by John Piper; it didn’t take long for me to realize that the message is basically the selfish pursuit of pleasure, couched in biblical terminology and a twist of the truth….I wondered if Dave had made a comment on this and found it in the March ’06 newsletter. I am very much encouraged, thank you Dave and thank you all for your work. MM (United Kingdom)