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Mr. McMahon,
You did it again! This time trashing people who really need to be honored, like Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and great South African evangelist Rodney Howard-Browne. These are fearless people whom God of Heaven raised up to speak the truth as it is, to warn people of their sins, for judgment is coming. Rabbi is right to show to people that America, like Israel, is founded on biblical values. God is warning through Rabbi’s great book, The Harbinger, because God loves America and Jonathan Cahn. May the Lord bless him evermore. You better learn from people like this instead of being envious of their success....Please take me out from your mailing list. AG (NY)

Dear Brethren,
First and foremost I want to thank you for your monthly news magazine. In your May issue you brought attention to the most neglected and yet important subject of persecution [“Growing Evidence of Oncoming Persecution” by Edwin Newby]….All true Christians should read this article and pay close attention….People today are not paying real attention to what has slowly begun to take place in this nation, even as it is already taking place around the globe….We…are facing the darts of Satan from all fronts and it is more important than ever to put on the whole armor of God and keep it on. My dear brethren, our little flock has gone from nine souls to six, with one transferring and two joining the Muslim majority here. We know what it is to be mocked and persecuted but we six know that we are not appointed to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ (1 Thes:5:8-10); and we remain in one accord in Christ. Men can persecute us, torture us, and even kill us, but they cannot defeat us for our Lord has defeated the world and He has sealed us with His blood and the Holy Spirit (2 Cor:1:22; Eph:1:13). May God continue to bless your diligent work in His behalf. RW (IN, prisoner)

TBC Staff,
Thank you for the broadcast [with Dave James, 9/26]. Someone in our Bible study a couple of weeks ago asked me about both The Harbinger and the Shemitah. I was familiar with The Harbinger because of your first broadcast and the book, but I had no idea of the next one. This has equipped me with important information and I will forward the broadcast to her. Thank you again for the timely information. The Lord is truly using you in these bleak dark days. By the way, I attended a prophecy conference online last weekend and they sure could use some pointers from you on how to keep to a biblical schedule and not get caught up with all the “extra” stuff. Your conference was so excellent and no time wasting, I thought I would drop you a line of encouragement in your work. God bless you! MA (email)

Dear Mr. McMahon,
Thanks so much for your monthly writings. I am a Christian psychiatrist (MD) and agree with all your statements. My “group therapy” long ago was changed to Bible study/prayer/praise sessions. TF (OK)