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Dear Berean Call,
I just wanted to say that this is the first time I've tuned into your conference via Livestream and I am so very thankful. I sobbed on Sunday not only because [Paul Wilkinson’s] message touched a deep place in this dry and alone heart, but also because it meant the end of a “live” gathering of like-minded folks. Thank you for your willingness to brave the blips and glitches of the Internet while offering Livestream. God is SO very Good and Merciful. RR (email)

Berean Call Editors,
I’ve read the newsletter over the past couple of years and I usually come away shaking my head. I have often thought of asking you to take my name off your subscriber list but your response to a letter in the June 2015 edition finally pushed me over the edge.

Your assertion that any attempt to portray the Bible as a motion picture is sinful is where I draw the line. If your position is true, how can you account for the millions of people [worldwide] who have come to Christ…through the Jesus Film Project? Spend some time reading the reports that come in from national Jesus Film staff members [located in] Gospel-resistant areas of the world and you will find no other explanation for the film’s success than God’s blessing and a mighty moving of the Holy Spirit.

When I read your newsletter, I usually start out being angry, particularly when you smear a Christian leader who you disagree with—and you’ve taken a swipe at virtually every recognized Christian leader in the US over the years. When I calm down I mostly am saddened that Christians—ones who wish to model themselves after the Bereans of the Bible who so earnestly examined the Scriptures—can miss the mark so badly.

Can’t you see that the natural flipside of tearing others down is the inevitable building up of yourselves? You are very good at holding yourselves up as the brave defenders of the Gospel fighting for truth in a sea of Christian heretics. Do you know what this is called? This is called pride, and it is something that upset Jesus quite a bit….Please just stick to teaching the Bible and let the Holy Spirit do the work of pointing out truth and error. You guys are messing it up. Please remove my name from your subscription list. DH (PA)

I want to tell you that I [translated] an article of yours, “Knowing Our Triune God” [to put] into one of my blogs. I try to be a man of Jesus to help the Romanian people and you are helping me in my efforts. DC (Romania)

You have very kindly been sending me The Berean Call. I have by the goodness of the Lord reached the age of 90 and now I’m asking you to please remove my name. Downsize! Enclosed [is a donation]. Please keep supplying those in prison (Aug 2015 Letters).

May the Holy Spirit guide you for the glory of the Saviour! JB (PA)

Your response to the question regarding Hollywood’s presentation of scripture was excellent! I bought the book Showtime for the Sheep? many years ago. You summed it up perfectly. DS (IA)

Brother Tom,
Thanks for all the hard work you and your staff do for the body of Christ. It has made me more diligent in my walk with the Lord. KH (PA)

Dear Staff,
Thank you for republishing Dave’s article, “Victory Over Sin” (Aug 2015), by which I received some valuable insight. To read the article—and I did, twice—it’s only appropriate to be dwelling on Christ’s imminent return. This needs to be less an abstraction, or some future event on a timetable, and more of a daily faith matter. This was very helpful for me to see! FM (WI)