Nuggets from Cosmos, Creator, and Human Destiny |

Dave Hunt

No creationist doubts that genetic copying errors can cause all kinds of varieties of dogs or cats or fish—or that they can produce strains of bacteria and parasites that have developed immunity medications designed to combat them. But this is not evolution from one kind to another. Nor does Collins in his entire book (in spite of touting mistakes in copying DNA as proof of Darwinism) offer one example of a genuine change in kind through copying errors. DNA of one kind of creature has never been known to evolve into the DNA of a different kind. No evolutionist has ever found such an example. Then how can anyone claim that this is the way evolution, through natural selection, has created the limitless variety of species of creatures of all kinds? Impossible! We plead with evolutionists, please don’t tell us about the stickleback fish and the finch’s beak again! We’ve heard enough about them. Is this the best you can produce? Don’t you have some real evidence? Aren’t you embarrassed to keep showcasing these two creatures?