Nuggets from Countdown to the Second Coming—Creating Antichrist’s False Church (Part 1) |

Dave Hunt

In the church, too, there is a departure from the faith—but in the name of faith. Seducing spirits are being contacted, but here they don’t pose as “deeper levels of the psyche” or as “ascended masters” but as Christ himself! The practice of visualizing “Jesus” (visualizing “Mary” works just as well for Catholics) is being used in “inner healing” and in order to enhance one’s prayer life or to gain a deeper insight into what Jesus taught. That the “Jesus” who appears and takes on a life of its own is not the Lord Jesus Christ but a “seducing spirit” bringing “doctrines of devils,” has again been thoroughly documented in books such as The Seduction of Christianity, Beyond Seduction, and Occult Invasion, and will not be dealt with here. The explosion of this phenomenon, however, so that it is becoming rampant even in the church, is unique to our generation and provides further evidence that we could be in the last of the last days.