Nuggets from Countdown to the Second Coming—Milestone Developments |

Dave Hunt

Because God’s Word is completely reliable, we can have absolute confidence that, if we correctly understand prophecy, we can know the order of last-days events.

I well remember how convinced were the old-time preachers of 50 years ago that two extremely significant prophesied events related to the Rapture were fast approaching: 1) Israel’s return to her own land in unbelief, and her rebirth as a nation; and 2) the revival of the Roman Empire, uniting Western Europe to provide a base of power for the Antichrist.

In those days, there was nothing on the world scene to give anyone hope that either of these amazing prophecies might be true. Yet the first came to pass in 1948, setting the stage for further prophesied developments. And it would now appear, after the recent break-up of the Soviet empire and the step-by-step joining of her former satellites to the growing European Union, that the second of these prophecies is well on its way to fulfillment in our day.

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