Nuggets from Countdown to the Second Coming—Signs in Our Time (Part 2) |

Dave Hunt

In the vision of the future given to him by Christ, John saw a world ruler controlling the whole earth, not only politically and militarily, but economically as well. No one would be able to buy or sell without Antichrist’s mysterious “666” stamp of approval embedded in his hand or forehead to indicate loyalty to him (Revelation:13:16-18). Although past generations took this threat seriously, there was no way that all commerce and banking on earth could be controlled from a central location, but today there is. We have the computers, communications satellites, and worldwide electronic banking networks that make such control feasible. Moreover, everyone knows that it is only a matter of time until such a system will be in place and enforced.

Only public fear of infringement of privacy and individual rights stands in the way. When these objections are outweighed by the greater urgency to stop drug traffic, money laundering, counterfeiting, credit card fraud, and terrorism, the system will be put into place. The fact that only Antichrist will enforce these controls is another persuasive argument for the manner of his advent.