Nuggets from "Judgment Day: Islam, Israel, and the Nations" by Dave Hunt |

Hunt, Dave

Nuggets from Judgment Day: Islam, Israel, and the Nations by Dave Hunt

The history of Israel, as we have seen, is a history of unbelief and rebellion. No matter how much evidence God has given to them (delivered from Egypt, the Red Sea opening for them and drowning the pursuing Egyptians, God speaking with an audible voice from Mount Sinai, water from a rock, manna from the sky for food, His miraculous protection repeatedly throughout the ages, etc.), they have persistently rebelled against Him and continued largely in unbelief for centuries. This history, recorded in advance through prophecy, is not foretold by anti-Semitic haters of Jews and Israel but in the Hebrew Scriptures by Israel’s own prophets, whom they have largely rejected or ignored.

In what Christ described as “great tribulation” (Matthew:24:21), God’s judgment will fall from heaven upon this earth in His final attempt to bring the world to repentance. Antichrist will double-cross Israel, and that tiny nation will begin to feel the anger of all mankind focused upon it, blaming it for everything. It will be hell on earth for all Jews everywhere.

God is finally going to prove Himself to Israel beyond any doubt, breaking their hard, stubborn hearts. The one-third who survive will all repent and believe when they see the crucified and resurrected Christ intervene to rescue them from the world’s attacking armies.

Mankind is proud and rebellious. God is going to reveal Himself in terrifying demonstration of His power to the entire world. The Great Tribulation will reach its climax in an event called Armageddon. Though it has been exploited in Hollywood movies and sensational books, the Bible foretells Armageddon, and the Bible has proved itself true. Of course, most of the world will not believe until the events are upon them, and even then they will defiantly shake their fists at God. The description of God’s wrath poured out upon this earth is chilling.