Nuggets from "Judgment Day: Islam, Israel, and the Nations" by Dave Hunt |

Hunt, Dave

Nuggets from "Judgment Day: Islam, Israel, and the Nations" by Dave Hunt

Only Muslims may be citizens of Saudi Arabia. There is no distinction between church and state. Religious law rules the entire country. No non-Muslim place of worship may be built. The practice of any religion except Islam is forbidden. No one would dare to carry a Bible openly on the street. Even a secret Bible study in one’s home could mean prison or expulsion from the country for any foreigner. For a Muslim who had converted, it would mean death.

There are none of the freedoms Western democracies hold dear: freedom of speech, of the media, of the press, of conscience, of religion, of genuine vote, etc. This is Islam! And so it would be in America, Europe, and every other country, if Muslims could fulfill Allah’s command to take over the world by force. Then there would be “peace” everywhere – Islam’s “peace.”

This is not fanaticism but genuine Islam as Muhammad and his successors established and practiced it and from which no Muslim has the authority to diverge. Do not be deceived: this would be life in every country in the world wherever Muslim fundamentalists could impose shari’a (Islamic law according to the Qur’an and the teachings and example of Muhammad) as they have been able to do in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, in parts of Nigeria, and Indonesia, and as the Taliban did when it was in power in Afghanistan – and as it is practiced by Muslim terrorists wherever they are able.