Nuggets from "Judgment Day: Islam, Israel, and the Nations" by Dave Hunt |

Hunt, Dave

Nuggets from Judgment Day: "Islam, Israel, and the Nations" by Dave Hunt

It is astonishing how many who claim to be Christians apparently have no fear of the God of the Bible. They are not afraid to flaunt their denigration of Israel in the face of the Creator of the universe, who 203 times calls Himself “the God of Israel” and has declared that these are His people by an everlasting covenant. Moses said, “For the LORD’s portion is his people; Jacob is the lot of his inheritance…he kept him as the apple of his eye” (Deuteronomy:32:9-10). Clearly, this does not refer to Jews as individuals but to Israel as a nation - much less does it refer to the church as Israel’s replacement! As already noted (but it bears repeating), twice more in Scripture is the nation of Israel affectionately referred to as “the apple” of God’s eye.

Yet most Calvinists and many of those who call themselves “Reformed” insist that Israel has been replaced by the church. For example, in 2002, the faculty of Calvinistic Knox Seminary in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (D. James Kennedy, Founder, Chancellor, President, and Professor of Evangelism), issued “An Open Letter to Evangelicals and Other Interested Parties: The People of God, the Land of Israel, and the Impartiality of the Gospel.” This statement, which denied that the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (i.e., the Jews) have any special blessings or place in prophecy, much less any claim upon the land of Israel, was initially signed by seventy-one prominent evangelical leaders, among them R.C. Sproul and Michael S. Horton.