Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

“Our Lady of Fatima” allegedly appeared to Pope John Paul II during his convalescence from the assassination attempt, telling him that she had saved his life because of a special mission she had for him and that she would give the world a sign causing mankind to bow to his spiritual authority. In gratitude the Pope has made several visits to Fatima and brought one of the bullets taken from his body to be placed in a diamond crown that graces the statue. The Pope has given his “Apostolic Blessing to Father Nicholas Gruner for his … very important apostolic work with The Fatima Crusader. …” The Pope has said:

“Could I forget that the event in Saint Peter’s Square [the assassination attempt] took place on the day and at the hour when the first appearance of the Mother of Christ to the poor little peasants has been remembered for over 60 years at Fatima in Portugal? For everything that happened to me on that very day, I felt that extraordinary Motherly protection and care, which turned out to be stronger than the deadly bullets.

The content of the appeal of Our Lady of Fatima is so profoundly rooted in the Gospel and in the whole of Tradition, that the Church feels Herself summoned by its message.… This message contains a truth and a call, which in its fundamental context, are the Truth and the Call of the Gospel itself. … I want to renew my appeal that the Message of Fatima be

listened to.”

That the Pope and the Catholic Church are in perfect accord with the demonic apparition and their antibiblical theology and false gospel says it all. And one would not expect it to be otherwise, considering Catholicism’s deep involvement in the occult.