Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

Mary is the mother of the body that Jesus took when He, the eternal Son of God, became a man to die for our sins. She is not the mother of Jesus as God, who is her Creator! And why fly to Mary for protection when God’s and Christ’s protection is available? To protect all Catholics from all dangers and to provide for all their needs, “Mary” would have to be omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. Though denied in theory, in practice Catholicism has replaced both the Father and the Son with Mary and other “saints.”

Catherine of Siena, Padre Pio, and other “suffering saints” are revered for having suffered for the sins of others, and are prayed to by millions of Catholics, including the current Pope. They are greater than Christ, whose suffering upon the cross leaves good Catholics in purgatory. But Padre Pio’s and Catherine of Siena’s suffering (and that of other special “saints”) releases multitudes to heaven. On EWTN recently, Frs. Kosicki and Cohen urged viewers to make their suffering available “for salvation for souls” and to pray, “We offer our suffering for salvation of souls.”